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The Volleyball Vaccine Tournament

volleyball tshirts design tournament

Have you ever thought about how your volleyball tshirts design can give a kid a better chance at life?

Well here is how you can.

Most babies and young children are vaccinated regularly after they are born. They vaccines are done every few months, to protect the baby from diseases and illnesses as they get older.

Most viruses like chicken pox, mumps and measles are quite dangerous, and the older you get, the more severe they become, sometimes even fatal.

Having these vaccines, prevents babies from severe health effects later on in life.

Only thing is lots of babies get preventative injections and a lot of babies don't.

Either their parents don't know about the vaccinations or perhaps they just can't afford them. Most clinics do charge but are expensive.

A friend's, little boy didn't have a certain vaccine and developed a kidney problem at the age of 5 years and would need to be on medication for almost the rest of his life.

So that's where your volleyball tshirts design comes in.

Give this idea a go

  1. Design your t shirt with this slogan: "I gave a child a shot at life".

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  3. Approach a corporate company and propose to them your campaign "The Volleyball Vaccine" - to help get babies and children vaccinated. You would like them to sponsor you with purchasing volleyball tee shirts. Having a slogan printed on and also a cash prize. They would also have their company logo printed on the back on the t shirts so they too can get recognition for their giving.

  4. Get a group of friends, your school volleyball team or club teams, together and plan a day at the local volleyball spot on a beach or a sports club. Make sure it a busy time with lots of people around.

  5. Set up your net and court, put on your promotional t shirt and start promoting.

  6. Get people to enter as a team where they can WIN a cash prize.

  7. To enter the tournament there is a registration fee of $10 per person and they get a FREE volleyball t shirt with the vaccine design.

  8. Then get the competition on the go. With teams playing each other for the cash prize.

Why not even invite the local newspaper to come along and report the event. Its a great story for your town.

At the end the winning team gets the prize and your campaign team have raised quite a couple of hundred dollars maybe even a few thousand.

What a brilliant event to host to give back to your own community.

Hope this idea sparks new ideas for your own volleyball tshirts design.


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