Volleyball T Shirts

How to Design a Set Piece Volleyball Tee


Looking at designing volleyball t shirts, I will show you three simple steps to remember.

Volleyball t shirt design is very much like the game of volleyball. The three main shots to hit in volleyball are: dig, set and spike...in short DSS.

A quick volleyball 101:
DSS - Dig, Set, Spike or...

Dig = Design

Dig is the shot, that is used for defending and is the basic, simple shot. You put both your hands together and lift the ball up, just like a digging moment.

Designing volleyball tees is like wise, it's about simple, bold design.

Set = Size

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Set is shot, that refers to your hands being placed above your head as you cushion the ball with a quick flick upwards. The ball has to be set up with this shot at the right height for the next striking shot.

Wearing a volleyball tee that is too small for you is very uncomfortable as you are limited in your movements. Volleyball tee shirts that are a touch to big, tend to weigh you down and is too bulky to move around in. So remember to set a size that is relaxing yet fitted.

Spike = Style


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Spike is ultimately the scoring shot. It's the slamming of the ball into the other teams side and getting a point or winning service. With this shot you jump up and slam the ball with one hand. This shot can be the most stylish and looks the most impressive.

When it comes to the look or the cut of your volleyball shirt, style is important. Style is how it looks. From long sleeve t shirts to sleeveless t shirts, it just depends on the preference of the team that you are designing for.

iSpike shirt
iSpike T Shirt

Competitive Volleyball T Shirts

Volleyball tee designs are seen at most sports clubs and tournaments. A great idea to do would be design for a person who is in a club. With teams of two or more players, volleyball tees will look good together.

Come up with a volleyball custom t shirt, that they could wear at practice, or even to the movies.

Social Volleyball T Shirts

Outdoor volley is such an "inclusive" game. No matter who you are, young or old you can always join in a game of volleyball, especially beach volleyball.

A funny or up beat volleyball saying for t shirts is often great for a social team or company team. Come up with funny slogans based on volleyball terms like, net, ball, volley etc. to have on your volleyball tee.

VolleyChick Dig Pink shirt
Dig Pink T Shirt

The Only Reason I Go To School shirt
Reason I go to school T Shirt

I know lots of companies that have teams that play against each other from different departments. And guess what even though it is a social league, it still gets competitive.

Just like me, I have a competitive streak in me, and when it comes to sport I love to play hard but play with fun.

Set yourself up with freshly designed volleyball t shirts - many people will totally dig it!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt