Vintage Tee Shirt Design

Wee wee to the New Old


Wee wee? Yes that is right, wee wee, I said 'wee wee' to vintage tee shirt designs.

No no, its not that kind of 'wee wee', its the other kind, the French kind, the 'yes yes' kind!

Ok enough with the language lesson.

France is renown for its superior and high quality wine produce.

Many of the wines are centuries old and the grapes have grown from the same fertile soil for hundreds of years.

This distinct quality wine is referred to as 'vintage' - like one of a kind.

What made it vintage was the crop that grew in a certain district in a certain year. And what made it even more memorable was the distinguished taste and odor that each wine produced.

It is about looking at the past, at movies, music, food, photos or sports, almost anything and finding those 'pearl' ideas that made these things so special.

Take for example, Neil Armstrong, the first man to step onto the moon, now any picture of that event would make for a great design. You could add in your own saying or even something funny like "Free moonwalking lessons!"

As wine takes time to mature, take time to research some historic events for designs. While you at it, you will receive a 'free history lesson' on top of it as well.

So where am I going with this.

Just like wine was made in a certain place and time, so are the designs on a vintage designed tee.

If want to go all out vintage, then look for a real vintage white shirt, with that classic vintage fitted shape.

And there you have it, guess what, you have just learnt a wee bit of French while looking at designing a vintage tee.


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