The Origin of Tshirt Slogans

How it all began


So have you ever wondered where tshirt slogans originated!

Did you know that that the word 'slogan' originated in the 16th century from the highlands of Scotland.

'Slogan' is Scottish Gaelic 'sluagh-ghairm', from sluagh 'army' + 'gairm shout'. And when you pronounce the word, 'sluagh-ghairm', it comes out as 'slogan.'

From a simple Scottish highland war cry, we get the many slogans we have today.

Today we have taken the word "slogan" and made it into a 20th century phrase.

Instead of us 'shouting' out like the hearty Scots, what we would like to say, we now can wear, 'our shouting' on our sleeves - tshirts with slogans.

Slogans for tshirts are mostly used in the commercial world today.

These "tee slogans" have become a big way to advertise and promote products or services. Each company or business is at "war" to make a point about what they have to offer or sell. They need a 'slogan' or a 'war cry' for their voice to be heard, and that voice is in the form of tee shirts slogans.

Yes there might be a war between companies, and some might have a serious voice but others like to use wit and humor, and explore "tee shirts with funny sayings", as another angle to be heard.

Funny slogan tshirts are like an icebreaker. They are light, friendly and welcoming. And people are always reminded of them.

But guess what, tshirts with slogans are not only used in the business world but also in the family world too.


Publish your t shirt slogans online.

Each Scottish clan had a tartan pattern kilt that represented their clan. When the clans got together for reunions and celebrations they could identify each other by their kilt. That kilt in itself was like a slogan, 'shouting out' who they were and what they stood for.

Today, just like back then we have our own sort of family get-togethers and reunions (yes, sometimes with a bit of shouting and screaming) and we proudly show off our own family slogans on our family reunion t shirts.

Have your own slogan put onto your own t shirt to represent your family. It can say anything and everything. A tshirt saying that is close to your heart or deeply sentimental.

But why be like the Jones', why not go a different route...why not use funny tshirt slogans.

So who would have thought that a historic war cry from Scotland, would have an impact today with our many tshirt slogans.


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