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Designs speak a thousand words

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What 'is' and what 'is not' creative tshirt design?

Interesting question hey!

What you might think is great t shirt design and what I might think is great t shirt design, might be completely different!

So how do we know then, what is 'hot' and what is 'not'?

As a designer, I have 'learned to adapt' and 'develop my
design skills' in all areas.

I went through different phases. I used to love very grunge and messy looking designs with lots of rough marks and scribbles, just like Van Gogh. Then I experimented with photos, collages and magazine clippings.

And then I loved the surrealistic style of Salvador Dali and that has influenced me tremendously.

What I have noticed is that no one designer has it all. Many designers that I know have their own unique style of designing and themes that they interpret.

Each t shirt designer has a certain way of thinking and expressing those thoughts onto t shirts, design style playing a big part.

Design is about "interpreting an idea" into a way that others can enjoy and understand.

Sometimes your design style might not be appealing to others, it doesn't mean that its not good enough, it only speaks a different language to a different audience.

Language of Tshirt Design

So when you design a t shirt, try think of the viewers that would 'like your t shirts.'

Ask yourself, what audience would be attracted to my style of tshirt design?


Find out your graphic design technique.

If you were designing biker t shirts, there is a certain look and feel that bikers appeal to, you wouldn't put brightly colored rainbow circles like you would on tie dye t shirts, they might look like harley hippies, (though you never know, you might just start a new trend)

Hello Speech Bubble shirt
Hello Speech Bubble T-Shirt

I speak two languages: English and bad english. shirt
I speak two languages: English and bad english.

Best 3 tips to remember when you design your designer
t shirts

  1. Idea or concept
  2. Design or look
  3. Speak to the correct audience

You got a winner - by introducing these 3 tips!

Tshirt design always starts with a concept or an idea. How that idea turns out on the t shirt is up to you.


Design your own tshirt, with an improved new look.

You may not be a great artist but you might just have great ideas. You can always ask a friend to make a design based on your idea or even find pictures, images etc. and compose your own design.

So take a bit of time to think about 'what' you are trying to say and to 'who' you are saying it.

There are 3 ways to creating exciting cool t shirt designs:
  1. Tshirt slogans
  2. Design with both a tshirt slogan and an image
  3. Design with no tshirt slogan.

Creating t shirts that just have 'a saying' on is still a design, as it takes a bit of thinking to come up with a great slogan!

Working the slogan into an image, also reinforces what you are saying and can give your design that 'extra edge'! So play around with words and images and bring your t shirt design ideas to life.

What is Creative Tshirt Design?
  1. Minimal color
  2. A simple idea
  3. Not too confusing
  4. Has linear design as well
  5. Interesting layout. Place the design where it would be most visible or on an interesting position on the t shirt like near the collar or the sleeves.
  6. Explore the fabric of the t shirt
  7. Appeal to your audience - the right target market

Tshirt Design Tools

With every good designer comes a good set of tools. A t shirt designer, with all the skills in his bag needs to have a good set of t shirt design tools.

Your tools are like your 'hands' in designing, they take the 'brain' ideas and practically form them. T shirt drawings, computers, printers are all necessary tools for any designer.


Compose your t shirt design online with the click of a mouse.

Another great tool that is hardly used is the 'airbrush'! Airbrushed t shirt designs are quite often rarely seen as not many people have a skill for airbrushing.

With design software available, you can airbrush t shirt designs with a photo editing application.

With particular styles in tshirt design, learn to find out certain styles when designing.

Try not to box yourself into one way of doing things, rather have fun with different styles!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt