Make Tee Shirt Designs

Bring out your own Custom Design Flavor

tee shirt designs bag

So you have a tantalizing taste for tee shirt designs!

A real craving for the that hot steaming custom tee shirt which you can make your own tee shirt!

You have tried one flavor of tee designs and you loved it so much that your taste buds are thirty for more and you would like to design your own tee shirts with there own distinct flavor.

Well firstly, start of by putting on the ideas kettle!

Bring Your Designs to the Boil

  1. You are just like that kettle, that starts off cold but as it bubbles and heats up - your excitement and concepts start to heat up and bubble to the surface of your mind.

  2. The more it boils the hotter it gets, and the hotter you get, the more your passion will just turn on like a flowing tap, in order to design your unique tee shirts, you're on fire at the moment.

  3. So you have got it, you have got those hot ideas for your designs.


    Fill your blank t shirt with a design online.

  5. Think of a 'blank t shirt as the cup' and the 'tea bag as your design.' You have to put your hot ideas onto the plain t shirt in the form of a design. Just like you have to put the tea bag into the cup, pour in the hot water and let it all mix together.

  6. Take time to draw the designs out of you as you see them on the
    tee shirt.

  7. The longer you work your design, the better the flavor of the design.

Just like every type of tea has a 'unique flavor' so too are your designs, individually different for each tee!

Tea kettle abstract graphic art cool t-shirt shirt
Tea Kettle T-Shirt

Thomas Jefferson Tea Party Shirts and Gifts shirt
Tea Party T-Shirt

Designing Tasty Flavored Tee Shirts

Give your custom made tee shirts, your own special mouthful of bursting taste!

Remember, when the kettle runs dry, when your ideas run dry, fill it up again, find some inspiration again, look around for interesting things that you enjoy and like, then turn those into designs for your cool tee shirts.

There is a ready-to-go kettle, full of nifty thoughts inside you, just got to learn to get them out!

Aaaaaah, nothing like refreshing tee shirt designs!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt