T Shirts with Funny Sayings

The Art of Witty Words


I bet you didn't ever think of yourself as an entertainer, now did you...and your t shirts with funny sayings is your comical stage from where you perform from and make an audience laugh!

You might not be the upfront comic, but think about it, your way of expressing something funny through words.

Maybe you don't have a visual knack for designing or coming up with funny photos or designs or even sketches, but what you are gifted at, is telling a funny joke with words, maybe not vocally like a comedian but visually with words on a t shirt.

Your 'comedy sketch' is your own funny t shirt saying.

Humor is what adds joy to make the world go round.

Everybody loves a happy ending and especially a funny amusing ending that makes them feel good and hopeful for the future.

You can help us to see a happy ending come about in any situation or tough time.

Life is to short to worry about things and with a funny saying t shirt, it will put a smile in their heart!

i love animals2 shirt
I Love Animals T Shirt

I'm Kind of a Rockstar shirt
I'm Kind of a Rockstar T Shirt

Here are a few:

  • Looking for a bright electrician to teach night classes.
  • People who play with matches, will get splinters!
  • Solar Powered Submarine - what are they sinking about?
  • Daylight Saving offers low interest to vampires
  • e=mc with a microphone
  • Economic Boost - makes no cents

Economic Boost makes no cents

Solar Powered Submarine T Shirt

Just like a comedian needs material and inspiration, so do you. Where would you look to research some books, poetry, songs, sayings and even quotes.

Find a well-known speaker or politician and use a quote that they have said in one of their speeches or even a quote from a movie or TV program.

T shirts with funny quotes are an endless source of funny feeling stuff. Take for example, quotes from Homer J Simpson

Bad Spellers Unite T Shirt

"Operator! Give me the number for 911!"

Let's not forget the little ones too. What is more adorable, than a funny baby saying t shirt.

And what about the pregnant mom's, how your own maternity shirts with
funny sayings.

relentlessly awesome When my wife was pregnant with our first boy, amongst all the aches and pains from him inside her, a good laugh with funny sayings shirts just reminded her about the bundle of joy just waiting to come out!

Commercials use a lot of slogans for advertising, so why not try adapting funny t shirt slogans to make them your own, with your own inventive humor!

Never think that your humor is too silly or too dry for your t shirts with funny sayings.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt