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Are you looking for t shirt templates to layout your cool designs?

Well, look no further, is offering them to you.

Now, how do I say that four letter word that starts with an 'f' I will just go ahead and say it...

...ready here goes...FREE!

There I said it, FREE, FREE, FREE!


Yes, free

  • gratis
  • zip
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  • diddly-squat charge and no cost at all!

I know that when designing we all ways need a canvas to see what we working with. Having an actual physical 'on the spot canvas' like a blank t shirt is not always available.

Having a template to measure and plan out your design before you print it, will give you a better picture of how it will look once printed.

Advantages of Templates

With access to your own stock of template t shirts, planning designs becomes much easier.

Advantage 1:

When you create your own t shirt and print it yourself then a template is a necessity. If a t shirt is not on hand, then why not download these blank t shirt templates, print them out and you can draw up your designs on these paper templates.


Compose your t shirt design online with ready made templates.

Advantage 2:

Perhaps you prefer to design straight away on your computer and an electronic editable format is what your require. Well then download these
t shirt website templates and get using them straight away.

Benefits of Templates

What about free t shirt design templates that you can edit, change and manipulate for your own designs?

Benefits especially for you:

  1. They are in several formats so you can choose which format
    works best in your t shirt design software.
  2. These formats are standard formats with most programs can
    open them.
  3. The formats are editable vectors and photoshop files.
  4. The t shirt colors you can change too any color that compliments your design.

These templates are a great resource for any t shirt designer.

Here are a few t shirt design templates and they are absolutely FREE for you to download and use for your own personal use.

Free Vector Templates

t shirt templates vector

Download (Right-click and 'save as')
(ai, eps, pdf, svg)

Free PSD Template

t shirt template preview

Download (Right-click and 'save as')

Please feel free to edit, change or alter the template t shirts as you need to suite your designs. You are welcome to share them with other designers too.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt