10 Best T Shirt Software Tips

Choosing the Right Software

t shirt software

When it comes to designing, quality t shirt software has got to be on top of your design list - second to that is your creative ideas.

Having a great idea is key but executing your idea into a design is what actually counts. A tacky, unprofessional design shows and a t shirt design program is what makes a big difference in how your design eventually looks.

To get an idea of what I mean look at the two phrases below and spot the similarities:

T Shirt Software and T Shirt Softwear

Similarity 1: They both sound the same
Similarity 2: They both have exactly the same letters - the last 3 letters are the same, they just re-arranged in a different order.

So what's my point, well my point is this:

When you decide to 'wear' a t shirt, it has to be comfortable, relaxed and fresh on you.


Check out some quality t shirt design software.

The same goes for software, when you 'ware' software, you should feel comfortable designing with it, relaxed that it's not going to cause you issues, and fresh new tools to better your design experience.

Here are 10 important tips to remember before you decide on getting t shirt designing software:

  1. Quality - When it comes to quality, this is where compromise shouldn't be an option. This is top of the list. Sometimes quality comes with a price but it's worth every cent in the long run.

  2. Use friendly and easy to learn - Learning to use t shirt software, is way of extending your t shirt design. The quicker you grasp the software, the more you can enhance your designs.

  3. Print friendly - Software for t shirt has got to have a print compatible function. Most software comes with multiple ways to export to printable formats. JPG, PNG, EPS, TIFF or PDF. Look at this function as most printers use these formats when printing your designs.


    Compose your t shirt design online with the click of a mouse.

  5. Hardware friendly - What platform are you designing on and does the software suit your computer? PC (Windows) or Mac (OS). Most design software is both Mac and PC based. (As for me, I am a genuine Mac Man - and love Mac), once you turn
    to Mac, you will never go back.

  6. Hassle Free - Problematic designing is frustrating and just puts you off being creative. So test drive streamlined t shirt programs that are more efficient.

  7. Time saving - When it comes to our hurly burly world everyone seems to be in a hurry and saving you time is a big point to remember.

  8. Convenient - Firstly software that is readily available and quick to get you designing. T shirt software download, beats you driving to the store.

  9. Support provided - Most software applications have help online with any questions or assistance that you might need.

  10. Versatile and multipurpose - Many t shirt designer software are not limited to designing t shirts but can be used for all others sorts of designing too.

  11. Compatible - Look for tee shirt software, that can save your designs in different formats in order for it to be opened in other applications too.

So explore t shirt software and find out, based on the tips above which will suit your design needs and that will do the job that your are looking for.


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