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A Winning Wordplay

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Ok, so you looking for great original t shirt sayings or maybe even just t shirts with funny sayings.

Well look no further.

I will show you a few t shirts with cool sayings on that you can use to make your own t shirt or show you how you can come up with your own popular sayings.

How to Make your Own T Shirt Sayings?

Firstly "a saying" is a few words that are very well known that have been either used or quoted from books, movies, adverts, public figures or well-known historians.

Now a great thing is, to use great 'sayings' and put your own flavor to them.

T Shirt Sayings for being late

Are you always running late? Delayed by traffic jams, bad weather or just because you over slept.

A few tips:

  1. Change words, to words that sound the same or sound similar but are spelt different. eg. the line from the Terminator movies, "I'll be back!" Take the word "back" and replace it with "Bach" (the famous composer), so when they read it, it will say "I'll be Bach!"

  2. Use words or quotes that relate to what you are designing. eg. the above example might be for a music school so it would work well and will make sense.

  3. Change the spelling of the words. Combine 2 words together that form a new word.

  4. Use metaphors, oxymorons and puns in your designs. A pun t shirt is very easy to come up with and is fun to do.

I love a wordplay t shirt that has double meanings.

Here are a few:

  • Gluten-Free! Yes whey man!
  • Ironically advanced
  • Lycrabiology - exponential growth
  • Carbonology is outdated
  • OIL - fuel deficiency

Gluten Free - Yes Whey Man shirt
Gluten Free - Yes Whey Man

Slogans, sayings are very much the same thing. But do differ slightly. A slogan is more of a motto or what you stand for. Some people have a life motto or life slogan that they live by, and those t shirt slogans are winners.

But not all slogans have to be serious, humorous, funny t shirt slogans and are about looking at the lighter side of life and enjoying it.

How about being a bit witty and make a parody t shirt of a box office movie or well know product by using the slogans of the movie or product to create you own, tshirt slogans.

Encouraging T Shirt Sayings

Sayings are also just experiences or everyday life events that others have seen in a completely new way, that they can share with others.

Take a saying that you might know well or why not have your own motto that can build others up with positive sayings.

Here are a few:

  • Give us today our daily thread!
  • Flavour or Flavor - it just needs u!
  • I have cottoned onto a single thread of (sow)ciety

So go all out and have fun, words on t shirts is a great way of growing your vocabulary so you can create t shirt sayings that you can call your very own!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt