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The Best Design Process

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Creating a t shirt logo doesn't just instantly happen like a drive-thru meal at your local Burger King or KFC.

It requires some thought and a bit a planning.

Many t shirt design logos start with plenty of concept ideas and then after a simple process of elimination, the best logo t shirt is finally decided upon.

Let me show you how I constructed, shaped and developed the original and new logo t shirt for

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For this illustration I am going to be using CreateTshirtDesign, CTD for short.

CTD is all about inspiring you to come up with ideas that begin in your mind, with a few practical and mental techniques,

So if that is what CTD is all about, then the look and feel for the logo needs to portray "what CTD is about" in an interesting way. But still keeping it simple, bold and distinctive.

  1. Firstly, start on paper.
  2. Get the visual ideas in your head onto the paper.
  3. No matter how they come out, just put it on paper.
  4. Now the playing really begins.

1. CTD starts in the mind, so a sketch of a brain is drawn, with a top view of both the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

2. Next is to use the letter 'c' from 'create' as the left side of the brain and the 'd' from 'designs' as the right side of the brain.

3. Then the letters were separated so there would be a space for the letter 't' for 't shirt'.

4. Played around to make the 'c' and 'd' look like the sleeves of a tee, while the 't' is the t shirt shape.

5. Another option was to squash the letters more, and bolder letters.

6. Decided to keep simple shapes with a 't' reversed out between the 'c' and 'd'.

7. Another variation of the 't' extending through the letter 'd'. But here the 'd' is being lost.

8. A different idea was to try a star, shaped like a 't', but it alone didn't stand out.

9. Combined the 'c' and 'd' around the star shape 't', as the star fits nicely here. The star is a symbol of class and excellence and 'above the rest'. And from this t shirt logo, the slogan "a thread above the rest" was born.

10. Finally, the sketch was drawn up on the computer. Funky red and orange colors and textured effects were added. Now this new logo t shirt design is ready for printing onto tees.

This is now my online t shirt company logo. It is a brand that has been established for free online information about t shirt designing and fashioning a graphic design t shirt logo.


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