T Shirt Ideas

The Perfect Excuse for being Late

Would you like to know how a few t shirt ideas can actually give you a valid excuse when you are running late?

Are you the type of person that perhaps fits into one of these categories:

  • Continually late for appointments.
  • Never on time for meetings.
  • Always delayed for work.
  • Regularly missing special occasions.

Well then punctuality, just might not be in your vocabulary.

If we are wanting people to believe us when we are late and that we are not just telling a 'tall tale", then we got to be upfront and honest.

There is always something in our day to day lives that keeps us from doing and getting to other things. Some of us are great at managing our time well, and well some of us enjoying taking our time...nothing wrong with that.

What can I say, some of us are known for not being on time. But what about us 'on-timers'. Every now and then we slip up a bit, and just can't manage to get where we want to, or do the thing we are supposed to. Time runs away with us...or putting it frankly, we are late!

There are many valid and logical reasons why we do run late. Some we tend to exaggerate a bit and some are totally legit.

Punktuality is not in my Vocabulary

Honesty is the best policy.

But sometimes when we are frank and honest, no matter what we say, we just can't seem to get the words out to explain it properly. And the more we try and explain, the deeper we are dig ourselves into a hole.

So that is why it's best to 'keep it simple!'

And the most effective way of keeping it simple, is to not say a word!

Not say a word?

Thats right, not a word. Keep your mouth zipped up. And the way to do that is through some cool t shirt design ideas.

So here are a few t shirt ideas to make into brilliant designs for your excuses:

T Shirt Ideas for On-going Late comers

  1. I'm late because...my car had a flat
  2. I'm late because...I ran out of gas
  3. I'm late because...my dog took long to eat his breakfast

T Shirt Ideas for Occasional Late comers

  1. I'm late because...my underwear shrunk in the dryer
  2. I'm late because...people drive slow to work
  3. I'm late because...my mobile phone alarm clock was flat

I'm late because... T Shirt

I agree that the best t shirt designs are able to speak for the themselves. There is no need to explain the t shirt design. So if your t shirt can give an explanation for you being late, then you have just won it without using words.

And why not make them funny too. The most funny t shirts are the most truthful ones. They say it as it is. They seem funny because they happen to us all and we can relate to them.

Just think of children, they do say the most "out of the blue" comments, but they are just innocent and truthful!

One excuse fits them all

Or how investing in just one generic "I'm late because..." t shirt. Then have a few blank cards and pen that you keep with you.

So if you do run late. Pop your almost blank t shirt on, write your excuse on your card, then just clip it on the space with a safety pin.

This is how it would look.

I'm late because... card

MAKE - "I'm late because..." t shirt designs:

Got a few excuses that would like to make into your own late t shirt designs. Make them up now!

BUY - "I'm late because..." t shirt designs:

Check out a selection of "I'm late because..." t shirt designs.

I think the most common excuse we use for not arriving promptly is, 'traffic'. I would say that 9 times out of 10 the main cause for us being late has got something to do with traffic.

So why not have a few "I'm late because..." t shirt ideas printed so you have a collection of your most common excuses for being late. Then keep them in your glove compartment or your trunk. It's easy to whip them out, put them on and let everyone see the real reason why you are late!


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