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Are you a Beginner or a Professional?

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To become a better t shirt designer, just like every other profession, line of work, interest or hobby, a willingness to succeed is what drives most people.

Each one of us have to some extent, aspiration to be better at what we do. Whether we are skilled or not, we all would like to improve on what we are doing or learn something completely new and do it well.

When it comes to designing t shirts, the same principles apply. So here are a few answers to your questions.

How to become an outstanding
t shirt designer?

As a t shirt designer, design is inside you. Your creativity is something that you already have locked up in your heart and mind. Everything about you, your actions, your words and even your hobbies speak imaginatively.

You can't qualify, to be inventive, it is just who you are. Take your creativity and try it out with t shirts. If you can create it in your mind then you can create it on a t shirt. It's starts with you becoming a tshirt designer in your head first. When you realize that first then you can design to your hearts content.

Do I need qualifications or a degree
to be a graphic shirt designer?

No and yes.

No. In my experience working with other designers, some have never had formal training in t shirt designing. The creativity is already inside them. They have experimented with designs and developed their own style.

Most of them loved what they do, which is designing, and then explored that through t shirts. They have soared at it because they just enjoy it. Becoming a graphic designer for t shirt designing starts with you.


Plan and position your
t shirt design online.

Yes. Once you have an artistic flare then it's just a matter of expanding it into your own graphic design t shirts. Signing up for a course on design is always a helpful tool. This way you can also gain insight and knowledge through teachers and lecturers.

Yes. A degree is an achievement to be proud of, but its what you got and learned through the course that is much more important.

Is it just pure talent or a
great deal of hard work?


Many people say talent is something you are born with and is a natural gift that you have. Using that talent in a positive and productive way is what you were designed to do. As a creative person, having a talent for visual designs and seeing things in pictures and graphics is the way you are wired.

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For example, an accountant has a talent for seeing numbers in balance sheets and income statements. They see numbers like we see visuals.

Talent does play a big part with anything we do. Ignoring your talent and not putting it to work is a waste.

The fact is, some designers are more talented than others. Some designers rely on their talent. Other designers might not have the natural flair but the have skill and technique.

These designers put in the extra effort at designing. They work and work and learn and acquire these skills through sheer effort and determination.

Both sets of designers do require a few tools to better themselves and their designs.

  • Printing digitally or silk screening designs properly and professionally.
  • Sourcing quality t shirts from manufacturers.

Remember that each designer has a certain style, or way of designing. Some design for more corporate companies and schools. Some have a free style, retro, grunge or old school style.

Become a Specialised Designer

You might even become a t shirt logo designer. And specialize in designing logos or brands for people. Perhaps designing a new logo for a company that is launching, maybe like the next Apple Mac competitor.

Majority of the t shirts that are created are not only for resale but are for companies too. Companies need branded t shirts, whether it's for their staff or for in store.

These days it's also fashionable to wear logo branded t shirts. Companies have created great brands that people love and want to associate themselves with. Perhaps you might be requested to use the logo of a big brand and create a funky new design.

You also might just be required to receive the logo artwork from the client, lay it out on a t shirt, change a few colors, depending on the print job and print them.

So to become an exceptional tee designer I believe you can't just rely on your talent. It requires you to be willing to learn new things and skills to better your artistic ability.

What do you think makes a good t shirt designer?

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