T shirt Design Software

Purchased vs Freeware


Lets have a look at t shirt design software that is both simple and advanced, both for the beginner and for the experienced designer.

If you are a beginner, you might be asking yourself:
"I want to design my own t shirts, what software is easy to learn?"

And that's the key, "learning."By learning you are adding a "skill" to yourself that will be used many times again.

The more advanced software might seem a bit overwhelming to learn, but if you are up for a challenge then why not go for it. Jump in, part of the fun is learning while designing.

Easy to learn software or online t shirt design software, that generates, text colors and designs for you are quite popular, they might not be as versatile as your purchased software but they work.

The designs are very basic and simple, and yes they look good but I bet your designs could be much better. It's not the be and end all but having the right tool for the right job, makes designing like taking candy from a baby.

What actualy works brilliantly is, creating stunning designs with your own software and then uploading them onto online t shirt websites. This way you have a great design whereby you can choose your style and color of t shirt for your design to be printed on. Included is the printing and shipping your t shirt to your own home.

As a t shirt designer, software will become your no. 1 tool that you will use on an ongoing basis

Here are a few quality design applications compatible for both Mac and PC.

Vector based t shirt design programs, for layout and design:

Photo and image manipulation programs:

A t shirt software download, rather they having it delivery to you, is also less expensive and gets you designing sooner.

From my own experience as being a graphic designer, my software has paid for itself many times over. Owning t shirt graphic design software that is not only limited to t shirts but can also be used in other areas of design as well.

Buying Software

Licenced software is always the right and cool thing to do!

There is also a sense of accomplishment, when you know that you have bought your t shirt design program legit, designed a stunning design and seen it on a shirt, then even taken that design and explored it onto posters, cards, ads, flyers, slides and video.

That is what I mean by the software "paying for itself many times over" (and not to mention the many designs that I have sold, that have paid for the applications too).

Don't limit yourself when it comes to design. Tee shirt software that is called only "tee shirt design software" is also sometimes a hindrance.

Designing is also about growing, and owning software for
t shirt design that can do more than just t shirts, is expanding your creative style too.

When it comes to software, try not to always look at the "now", but look further down the road and look long term. See yourself stretching your designs from your t shirt designs to other print and web based designs.

Most design software products offers you a free 30 day trial version, which is great, as you can download the program, test it out and see if its worth buying for yourself.

Free T Shirt Design Software

Freeware t shirt design software is not only free but also great to start your designing with.

So there you have it, quality t shirt design software that will give you the edge whether you are a novice or pro-designer.


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