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Did you know that t shirt design ideas are formed, by you taking the time to appreciate your city, you just need to see the plenty of design opportunities by opening your eyes a little wider

There are t shirt ideas everywhere you look. You need to know how to look.

Do you see the glass half full or half empty?

If you see it half full, then everything your eyes see, will see the best and the potential it has.

Cities are buzzing and busy places. With lots to do and a high energy vibe too. There is lots of excitement in a city and we need to be proud of our city, even with its ups and downs.

By looking at your city in a negative light then nothing will excite you about it, but if you see the positive and liveliness that if gives then you will see
so many ideas for t shirts.

T Shirt Ideas when you are running late

Are you always running late to get to a place in your city?
Delayed by traffic jams, bad weather or just because you over slept.

One city that is well known and has branded itself cleverly, is New York. Everywhere you travel you see, 'i love NY t shirts'. It is so simple and effective that many other cities have caught onto this vision.

Perhaps you don't live in a big city but only in a suburb or town, you know what, you are still part of a city, you might not have the tall skyscrapers, but you still have the tall trees and telephone poles.

Why not take a ride into the inner city nearest to you and make a day of it to have fun and trigger your creativity. Hop onto a bus, train or car. It can be the best time for coming up with cool t shirt design ideas.

Design ideas, for t shirt wearing, especially in your city can be a new experience, but give it a go.

Here are 24 ideas, I love about my city listed in alphabetical order.

  1. - architecture
  2. - bus lanes
  3. - caffeine carts
  4. - dusk
  5. - earmuffs
  6. - fire engine
  7. - garbage can
  8. - heritage site
  9. - ice rink
  10. - j-walking
  11. - kerbs
  12. - languages
  13. - mastercard
  14. - narrow alleys
  15. - order ques
  16. - pipeline
  17. - quibbles
  18. - railways
  19. - statues
  20. - traffic lights
  21. - umbrellas
  22. - vegestable stalls
  23. - walkways
  24. - x-citement
  25. - yawning
  26. - zebra crossings

Each one is an idea to take and explore for designs. Its showing off your 'city' that you call home and sharing it through your great 'homemade' t shirt ideas.

Your Citee Design

Do you love your city?

What part of your city do you love enough that you would want to
design on a t shirt?

It could be a certain spot or area, the people, the look, an icon or
a heritage site.

Whatever it is, why not share with us the part of 'your city'
that you would create on a t shirt.

How can you showcase your city?

1. Do you have photo of a t shirt in of your city.
(drawn, sketched, cut out, stuck on, photographed)
2. Do you have a t shirt design that you have created,
that shows off your city.

Upload it, then in a sentence tell us why 'Your Citee Design'
makes your city great.

Be creative and have some fun with your t shirt design ideas.

Create Your Citee Design?

Tell us in a few sentences, why you love the city you are in.

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