T Shirt Logo Design

The Do's and Do not's to Design a Logo

t shirt logo design

Making a t shirt logo design is pretty much a simple and straightforward process.

All it requires is a little practice, patience and passion.

Maybe you have never designed a logo before or maybe you are a regular designer.

Creating a 'logo design' is a skill that anyone can master, though it does take a bit of time.

T Shirt Logo: Scenario 1

Lets say that you been asked to design a logo for a client from scratch, then have custom printed t shirts made with the logo on.

Perhaps have been required to:

10 Steps to T Shirt Logo Design

  1. Make sketches of particular logo ideas that might come to mind
  2. Choose 3 sketches and refine them to a simple graphic logo, design, icon or emblem
  3. Rework the refined sketches
  4. Scan your scamp sketches into your computer
  5. Draw up your sketches in your design application
  6. Add color and text then tweak the designs
  7. Then present your 3 designs to your client and give an explanation of your thought process
  8. Make any changes that the client might require
  9. Layout the logo design on a t shirt
  10. Go ahead and print the t shirt

T Shirt Logo: Scenario 2

Another scenario would be, if you were supplied with a custom design logo for a t shirt, and all that was required was to lay the logo out onto the t shirt space, print it, and have it delivered, in this case creating a logo design would not be necessary.

T Shirt Logo: Scenario 3

Or perhaps you have your own design, t shirt logo already designed and waiting to be spread out onto a t shirt.

Coming up with a t shirt logo design, requires you to have a few tools and also to develop a few tools!

Think of it like this, a toolbox is not doing its job if it doesn't have tools inside it. So by learning to design a logo you are developing a tool. That tool is then added to your - box of tool talents - which you can use anytime from then on. It will definitely come in handy one day!

design your own logo

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T Shirt Logo Design Tools

Here is a list of crucial tools required for designing a logo for a t shirt top:

  • computer
  • scanner (not always)
  • printer
  • quality logo software

Quality Software is important as it gives you unlimited freedom to design without restrictions. You can implement your designs to the fullest.

Vector based t shirt design programs - layout and design:

Photo and image manipulation programs:

It might require a small investment in purchasing the software, but once you have it there are many other areas of design that can be explored.

Free logo design software is also available to start learning on and getting use to, but they are sometimes limited in terms of what they can do and how the perform.

You can also create a logo for free on many online websites, the only draw back is again the limitation to how creative you can go. There are certain standard shapes, colors and fonts that are not easy to get away with.

My purchase of design software has paid for itself many times over and has saved me tons of time and kept me from pulling out my very own chest hairs! (the few that I do have)

When you create your own logo, you are projecting an image to others or to clients that you are a professional and expert in your field, having a tacky logo is quite a sore point.

Lastly, the tool that your will develop and add to your personal too box is the - "custom design logo tool."

This tool you are acquiring, is knowing how to tailor make a t shirt logo design that is completely different from any other logo.


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