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Are they OK to wear with underwear?

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If Superman ever wore his Superman t shirts and undies over his leg tights out in public, do you think he would be laughed at?

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No its Superman...but wait he is wearing these funny blue and red tights."

For those of us who have seen the Superman movies, TV shows and read the books, all know how Superman was dressed.

During the time when he was just an ordinary person with a 9 to 5 job, Clark Kent (Superman) wore the same clothes as any person would wear.

There was nothing out of the ordinary that he wore. Maybe he preferred to stick to plain and unnoticeable clothes so that he wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.


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Because if he was a little bit weird in his dress code, and he drew attention to himself, then people might have become a little suspicious about him and see that he is very similar looking to Superman.

And perhaps even identify him as Superman himself, which he already was, just he wasn't with his outfit.

Are Superman t shirts Accessible for Superman?

As a superhero your superhero costume needs to be with you all the time as you never know when you might be needing it. If Clark Kent has to always carry around a duffle bag with his costume inside it, it would just be so impractical when he needs to save someone.

Where as with his superman suit under his regular clothes its just a matter of ripping his clothes off and, kazam...his suit is ready.

The nice quality about his suit is its tight fitting and comfortable under his work shirt and tie.

 superman teeHis leg tights are not baggy so they are of great use in winter. His very own superhero long johns.

With a couple of his own superman t shirts, Superman wouldn't have to wash his suit everyday.

He wouldn't have to wear a large baggy style shirt, but can wear tight, body fitting t shirts. He can wear long sleeve t shirts in winter and short sleeves in summer.

Did Superman actually designed his own Superman logo t shirt?

The accessibility of his suit is very easy for him, and he can easily replace his Superman top with a Superman t.

But the next thing to consider is, whether Superman wearing his tight suit in public is acceptable.

Are Superman t shirts Acceptable for Superman?

I think today in the 21st century things, technology and especially fashion have changed a lot since 1938, when Superman was first spotted in comic books.

No one ever wore tight costume suits like Superman, but because he was a superhero he was able to wear whatever he liked. That was then, this is now.

Superman Flying Left shirt
Superman Flying T Shirt

Superman 80's Style shirt
Superman 80's Style T Shirt

Would it be acceptable for a superhero today to run around in their so called underwear?

Most times if people are caught in public wearing their "under garments" they are often laughed at, frowned upon or even arrested for public indecency.

So if Superman were to run around in his undies over his pants then he would be given special privileges above everyone else.

If he can get that privilege then I would also like that.

Though come to think of it, I don't know if I would be brave enough to run around the city in my superman t shirt and undies.


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