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The icon of a Superhero

Did Superman really design his own Superman logo t shirt?

Well, in real life he didn't, it was actually Joe Schuster an aspiring american artist. But in the comic book story itself, it doesn't really say. If he did come up with it, then not only does he have superpowers, but he must also have super design skills too.

But if he had not designed it himself he might have asked a designer to create it for him, but then if he had, it might have revealed his secret as to who he really was, Superman.

Besides Superman himself being an icon of the American culture, his very "S" symbol on his shirt was and still is an icon today. Most people might never have seen a Superman movie and read a comic but will be able to identify the Superman logo.

Superman S Shield shirt
Superman S Shield T Shirt

Grey Logo and Red City shirt
Superman Red City T Shirt

The Superman logo that we know today is not the original logo that was created for Superman. When Superman stared in his first comic book in 1938, he had a logo icon on the chest of his costume.

He wore a red, blue and yellow costume, with a stylized "S" shield on his chest as well as a cape. The shield was yellow the the "S" was in red.

In 1940 the Superman logo was improved upon, with the "S" now being yellow in color and the shield red. The "S" also was enlarged a bit and the shield began to look more like a diamond.

Superman then appeared with a large red "S" behind a black diamond background. Almost each decade thereafter the logo was tweaked and improved upon until what we now know as the modern Superman logo.

superman logo t shirt 1938
Superman logo

superman logo t shirt 1940
Superman logo

superman logo t shirt 1943
Superman logo

superman logo t shirt 1948
Superman logo

Why not add the entire Superman logo t shirt collection to your own t shirt collection. These 4 logos show you how the logo has evolved over time.

How about bragging to your friends. When they ask what the "symbol t shirt" is, then you can share a bit about it being the very first Superman logo when Superman was created.


Design a Superman t shirt online with your very own design.

The logo has also been used with other design elements like backgrounds and texture around it. Also the logo can be seen in the classic style to retro pop and even grunge design.

Today you can make your own custom superman logo. Design your own Superman logo t shirt and wear it with pride.

This "S" logo was a symbol that everything Superman stood for.

Yellow and Red Design shirt
Superman Laser T Shirt

Superman Metal shirt
Superman Metal T Shirt

The "S" symbol represented attributes about Superman:

  • strength
  • stability
  • speed
  • stamina
  • superhuman
  • senses
  • stopping crime
  • saving lives
  • and finally steel

As he was also known as "The Man of Steel".

So no, Superman might not have designed his own logo, but yes, he did wear it on his costume.


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