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Who was the first Superhero?

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With the numerous Superhero t shirts available, and new Superhero's being created, do we really know the origin of first Superhero?

Before the year 1938, there was no such thing as a superhero. The term "superhero" did not even exist. People didn't know what a superhero was or even looked like.

But that all changed due the release of a small comic book character named Superman.

That's right Superman.


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Comic books were around during that time but comic book characters were more 'down to earth' and normal people.

Until a bright spark writer named Jerry Siegel, teamed up with comic illustrator and artist Joe Schuster.

They put the heads together to introduce to the world, the ideal and perfect hero. Not just any ordinary hero, but a superhero.

This superhero had to be able to do the impossible and the inevitable.

  • Be able to overcome evil and overt disasters.
  • Be able to save and protect mankind from harmful situations.
  • To be a hero that people can rely on and put their hope in.
  • He would be able to defy the natural flaws of any human and possess extra-ordinary abilities.

Firstly, what human would have these extra ordinary powers?

Secondly, if he did have powers how would he have got them?

But what if, a superhero could look, act and have a body like a human and still have powers? Then he would be a 'superhero'.

So the only place to find him would be to look beyond our
earth and into our galaxy. He would have to come from
another planet.

And that would be Superman, the ultimate human being from the planet Krypton.

Once Superman was released and the public loved the idea of 'superheros'. More and more comic books were released with different superheros.

From the comic books it then spread to superhero t shirts.

People loved the idea of wearing their favorite superhero on a t shirt. It almost made them feel like they were a superhero themselves.

By having the superhero emblem on their t shirt it gave people a natural confidence. They can be a superhero in their own way.

There were two main publishing competitors when it came to Superheroes,
DC comics and Marvel Comics. Each sort out to create new and exciting superheros.

But now the game had changed. No longer did a superhero have to look human but could now change their body shape and structure.

Superheros were not only coming from other galaxies and planets but where being created right here on earth. Ordinary people could now become superheros by freak and unexpected accidents.

A lot of them got their powers from a nuclear explosion or a dangerous radioactive substance. Some had experiments done on them. This altered the molecular structure of their bodies, imparting into them super powers.

Other superheros were literally born with powers. From birth the DNA cells in their bodies changed and new powers were formed. These were known as 'mutant superheros'.

Today, superheros are often put into different categories so its easy to identify them:

Marvel Comics
Superhero T Shirts:
  • Jean Grey
  • Rogue
  • Jubilee
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Beast
DC Comics
Superhero T Shirts:

Hulk shirt
Hulk T Shirt

Wonder Woman shirt
Wonder Woman T Shirt

From different ages to different genders, Superheroes were created:

  • Invisible Woman
  • Cat woman
  • Spider-women
  • Marvel Boy
  • Ultra Boy
  • Superboy
  • Wondergirl
  • Batgirl
  • Stargirl

Batman Stands Up shirt
Batman T Shirt

Spider man shirt
Spider man T Shirt

Some were given professional titles and most of the Marvel superheros fought together in teams:

  • Professor X
  • Captain America
  • X-men
  • Fantastic Four

And of course there has to be a Supervillain for every Superhero. There had to be an archenemy that had to fight against the superhero like Doctor Octupuss and Dr Doom.

So now you can see that from one superhero, countless more have been born. You just need to make a decision as to which are your favorite superheros so you can build up a collection of your own superhero t shirts.


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