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Do you have any Star Wars t shirts in your collection of Star Wars artifacts?

If you are a fan or a collector of Star Wars memorabilia then the best piece for to have in your possession, would be to own at least one Star Wars t shirt. Hands down this would be the 'cherry on the top' to add to your collection.

After the first Star Wars A New Hope movie was released in 1977, the popularity of Star Wars 2 The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi grew.

The first Star Wars trilogy laid the foundation for the final three films Star Wars Attack of the Clones, Star Wars The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith.

Who ever thought that it would be such a phenomenon. Not to mention the thousands and millions of dedicated fans that love the Star Wars movies.

When George Lucas began his Star Wars project in the seventies, he had a vision and a standard to make these films break the conventional barriers of how movies were made.

But first George had to have a logo design for his Star Wars films. The Star Wars logo icon that we have all come to love was designed by art director, Suzy Rice.

What type of genre?

The space science-fiction genre was a popular theme at that time. George really pushed the boundaries, and took it to a new level, by delivering quality movies with state of the art special effects. The use of new technology at that time actually enhanced his final movie product.

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I guess he foresaw what technology would be able to do in the 20th century.

For this reason he put the Star Wars movie franchise on pause until the late 1990's whereby he made his final three Star Wars movies.

On any film set, I think the director would like his film to be the best that it is. We would like the actors to be on top of their game, the lighting and sound engineers to be working without any glitches and of course the camera men to endure standing long hours.

If you could choose ONE Star Wars t shirt, who of the Star Wars characters would you choose to have a t shirt of?

So what if George gave each of his staff their very own unique Star Wars t shirts?

Lets imagine for a moment that on the first day of shooting the Star Wars movie, each person who was involved in the movie was given a personalized t shirt. Can you imagine how valuable each person would feel. This would most definitely spur them on to do their job to the best of their abilities.


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Now the behind the scenes guys, the guys who weren't in front of the camera, could definitely wear their t shirts during the filming but as for the actors in front of the camera...well the only time they would be able to wear their t shirts was after filming. Either in their hotel room or out in public.

The actors starring in Star Wars weren't very famous, and for them to be in the streets, they would hardly be noticed.

But now if they were to wear their Star Wars t shirts, people would be curious as to what the t shirt was all about and start asking questions. This would already begin a buzz about the movie.

The t shirts could have some Star Wars lingo on:

  1. Harrison Ford given a Han Solo shirt to wear - "I fly Solo"
  2. Carey Fisher given one as Princess Leia - "I am a real princess"
  3. Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, having a funny t shirt saying -
    " The Force is strong with me"

Why even James Earl Jones could get a t shirt for the voice of Darth Vader.

How about the extras that played the parts for the Star Wars droids and Stormtroopers. Must have been pretty hot in those droid suits. But a cool short sleeve t shirt would have done the trick.

Jedi T Shirt:

If a Jedi t shirt is your favorite shirt. Then why not include this in your own Star Wars collection.

PLUS: Find out what your very own Jedi name would be if you were to star in the Star Wars adventures.

What if you were to get your hands on those first original t shirts that the entire movie crew, actors and technical guys wore?

Wouldn't those be the very first collectable items? Even before the movie was even released, the memorabilia became available. The very shirts on the backs of the crew could actually be priceless items. If they knew back then, I bet they would have held onto their so called "Star Wars t shirts."

Back then Harrison Ford was a relatively unknown actor. But today he has starred in many blockbusters. Imagine having one of his t shirts from when he filmed Star Wars.

So if you are unable to get an original t shirt from a few decades ago, you can still get a Star Wars shirt with the original characters on but just with a more modern and comfortable t shirt.


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