Star Wars T Shirt

Who is you Favorite Character?

Which individual person or creature would you prefer to have on your Star Wars t shirt?

I think, thats what makes Star Wars such an epic blockbuster movie. It has a lot to do with the unique and interesting characters that each episode introduced.

Of course the special effects, storyline and action sequences are spectacular to watch, but more than that, I would have to say the characters. Without the characters it just wouldn't be as personal.

The strange and freaky characters in Star Wars no matter if they were good or bad, were able to connect with us. Each person could identify something that they could relate too or saw in that character.


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To watch how the characters interact with each other. The conflicts, the love and the dialogue adds to the entire story as a whole. Its not just a sci-fi movie with aliens and action.

Firstly for the creative team of Star Wars to come up with weird and un earthly individuals must have been a really fun process.

Not only did the team have to give each character a distinct and alien like appearance, but having to give each character a name that sounded alien like but also human too.

If you were to feature in the next Star Wars movie, what would you be called?

Find out what your very own Jedi name would be!

Here are some of your favorite characters that can be found on a Star Wars t shirt


I guess each of us can in some way identify with one the characters. We like Luke Skywalker because of his lightsaber and fight scenes he gets into. From the cold snow to the extreme desert. He was on the good guys side and we always side with the good guys.


Discovered as a slave child on Tatooine, he become one of the brightest stars in the Jedi order. He was very competitive but risked his life to help others.


Perhaps he is very little. Well they do say that dynamite comes in small packages. And Yoda definitely proves this saying right. He is one of the Jedi masters who trained other young potentials to be come Jedi Knights. Physically, its not the appearance that is important but the heart and the mind.

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He was originally Anakin Skywalker. He learnt the ways of the Jedi and was a Jedi himself until he turn to the dark side after having been persuaded by Darth Sidious. Not only was he Luke Skywalker's dad but also Princess Leia's too.


Starting his days as a smuggler and ended up a hero and general in the Alliance. He was the captain of the ship the Millennium Falcon. Together him and Chewy had adventures on the out skirts of the galactic society.


He was Han Solo's co-pilot after Han freed him from the Empire's slave labor. As a Wookie he was not only strong but also technologically savvy too.


An adventurous and spunky little astromech droid. Countless times he saved the day. He was a useful starship mechanic as he had all sorts of tools and gadgets. What made him so special was his bravery to his friends.


No one can forget this real clumsy droid. He always had verbal diarrhea and his arms and legs would come off all the time. Both him and R2D2 we best robot mates.

These are just a few of the more popular characters. But there were lots more throughout the Star Wars series. So find the one that you liked the most and have them put onto a Star Wars t shirt.


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