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Your Winning Ticket

sports t shirts

Are you a 'sports lover' like me?

Well then, 'sports t shirts' and your 'love for design' is a 'winning combination!'

There is something special about sports, its a area that is all about training, hard work, talent, passion and going the extra mile! (or for an athlete that 50 mile marathon)

Team Sports T Shirts

The great thing I enjoy about sports is the comradeship and the team work.

Team sports like:


Basketball Explosion shirt

Hockey Rocks Womens shirt

Black Volleyball T-Shirt shirt

Football with Helmet shirt

Addicted To Rugby shirt

...require you to work together to get a winning result. Too take each players individual skill and combine it into one team machine, with each having a role and definite purpose on the field. It also requires patience so they can work in a league of their own.

When a team is on the field they have a uniform, but how about when they are off the field...practicing, touring or socializing.

T shirts for sports teams defines the team as a unit and can be worn anytime when there is no game time happening.

Sometimes they are worn under their very own kit...just because they love their t shirt.

When teams wear tshirts, it gives them a sense of pride.

Tips for Team T Shirts

When designing t shirts for sports teams, here are a few tips:

  • Colors:
    Get the correct colors of the team

  • Logo or emblem:
    If they don't have one then its an opportunity to show them what t shirt logo you can offer

  • Sizes:
    Get the t shirt sizes of each team member

  • Names:
    Get a list of each team members name and their particular playing number that they play with on the sports field. Then design their own name and number on their own sport tee shirts.

Personalized sports t shirts, designed to suit a sports team is a great way to show a team that they are unique and talented.

Take a look at some of these team sports, and see how you can be creative when designing sports team tshirts

Why not go ahead and design your own sports tees

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Sport T Shirt Styles

Besides the BIG on TV sports teams, there are many other small sports teams in your area, your work or even collage teams that are looking for sports t shirt design.

  • College sports t shirts are always in demand, especially with new players being added each year and the new teams being made up.
  • Vintage sports tee shirts are still in fashion. Classic, old school t shirts are never outdated. The style is making a come back and many players love the style. It has a timeless feel that will never age.
  • Retro sports tshirts are bringing back that 80's fashion style. Most sports gear and uniform designs are based on the retro style. Clean, bold, simple and funky!
  • The long sleeve sports t, is a big plus too, especially for those chilly training sessions, it keeps those arms warm.

A great gesture is to also give the person who takes a lot of flack and mouth, especially between team games, a thank you gift, you guessed it, the referee!

Referee t shirts are memorable and if your team wins, design something that might say "I refereed the world football champs".

Referees Rule shirt
Referees Rule T-Shirt

Sport Ref T-Shirt shirt
Sport Ref T-Shirt

Individual Sports T Shirts

T shirts for sports is not only for the team but they are also for the individual sports person too.

Even in individual sports like

  • tennis
  • squash
  • golf
  • gymnastics
  • athletics still need a team behind you. They might not be on the pitch or the field but they are the behind the scenes team.

My Favorite Tee Shirt shirt


They sometimes do the things that make the sports person shine. From the management, to the drivers, the refreshments person to the laundry person. (why they will need someone to wash those sweaty socks!)

And then there is the coach...

...without their expertise and input, without there mentorship and skill enhancing techniques, most sports persons would not make it to the top. The coach is there to bring out the best in the player.

Coach t shirts are a great idea to give your coach, showing them how much you appreciate them.

Most sports persons have custom made clothing to fit their body type and taste.

Men and womans sports t shirts fit differently as our upper bodies are contrasting in shape.

Up and coming young sports stars are also looking for t shirt designs

Boys and girls sports t shirts are an untapped niche to really consider.

Sports is also about enjoying yourself. Yes there is a serious side but there is also the let loose and fun side. From the practical jokes to the silly mistakes that happen during games, the practices to even the nicknames of players.

Designing funny sport t shirts are a reminder to have fun and too stay young at heart.

So whether its a team or a player that you are designing for, if you have this attraction to sports that you can't get enough of, then designing sports t shirts is like combining to loves, 'sports' and 't shirts."

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