Soccer Tshirts

Learn to Speak the Language


I will show you a brilliant way of designing soccer tshirts using
5 simple vowels.

Let me show you how...

Designing tips using the 5 soccer vowels
Soccer players can make 5 distinctive sounds when playing soccer. They are the vowel sounding letters - A, E, I, O, U.

Here's why...

When a striker screams out the letter "A"
     - it means he missed the posts.

When the defender says "E"
     - he is going in for a slide tackle.

When the whole team says "I"
     - it means the referee made a bad decision.

When the crowd shout out the word "O"
     - it means they almost scored.

When the coach sighs "U"
     - he is relieved that the goalie saved a goal.

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All you got to keep in mind when designing riveting tshirts, is the 5 soccer vowels - A, E, I, O, U.

A = action packed
E = energetic
I = irresistible
O = out of the ordinary
U = ultra cool

Step by Step Process:
  1. Make 5 tshirts with your soccer teams name on back with the team colors.
  2. Print each vowel letter onto the front of each soccer team tshirt.
  3. Get your 4 friends to come with you.
  4. Go to a soccer game, your team will have their very own cheer leading squad.
  5. Stand up and shout out each vowel sound when you team does any of the above actions.

Make your own designs scream out the vowel sounds and start a new soccer lingo with your soccer tshirt designs.


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