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A promotional t shirt design! What a brilliant benefit you can offer anyone! Especially, if that anyone, is a company or a business.

Promote - Promote - Promote - Vote to Promote!

That is the word that comes to mind when people want to sell, market and offer specials on their own product or services!

No matter how big or how small they are, they have one thing in mind:

"promotion + sales = profit!"

So why not be of service to others and assist them!
  1. You have the tools and design skills.
  2. You have the knowledge and the expertise.
  3. You have the resources and printing connections.

They have a unique product or service and you have your very own unique design style. Custom design t shirts would be made with the product logo or message on.

When you combine what you have to offer and what the company has, then together you got a win win formula that is top of mind!

Promotional T Shirt Winning Formula

Tshirt designs + Opportunity + Product = TOP

You have created a 'top-top' that is tops!

Lets say that a company is launching a new product and they save developed an entire campaign on how to promote and advertise their product.

They set up:

  • TV ads
  • Radio spots
  • Magazine ads
  • Personal interaction with people, which most effective.

They let people try their product, taste it, smell it and even give way free samples.

A promotional shirt would then be worn by the promoters as they interact with people.

This is great advertising as it is very good value for money! And if there is high return and low cost advertising, well then companies score big!

FREE T Shirts that Promote

Promotional tshirts are not only worn by the promoters, but are also given away to the public who they are interacting with, for FREE!

And as we all know, we all love getting FREE stuff!

Fun Free Eye Test T-Shirt
Fun Free Eye Test T-Shirt

Free hugs? Anybody? Somebody? shirt
Free hugs campaign T-Shirt

So for a person to get a free promotional t shirt and wear it, will also advertise the product even more! It's like FREE advertising too!

Alot of companies or business, love giving away a free promotional t shirts to prospective customers, they give a little now but get a lot more later!

You can offer your design services from start to finish, from custom t shirt design to custom t shirt printing.

Offer companies real value at competitive prices and you can have a customer for life!

Offer your client great value like:

Make it your motto to deliver what you promise! And sometimes a little bit more!

As you can see, this is such a great opportunity for you to get your hands in the pie! It's such a unique niche to get into and to be apart of it, has many rewards in the long run!

So go ahead and look into this area of designing a promotional t shirt!


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