Kid Christian T Shirt

Next T Shirt Generation Genes

If you could be a kid today, would you ever want to wear a kid christian t shirt?

When we look at what children are being introduced to today, that stuff was never around when we I was a kid. And the next ten years new and fancy things are coming up. Technology and gadgets are part of our everyday life.

Did you know that the next generation of christians are going to be under the age of 12 years?

Why if the next generation is going to be our children, then should we not be putting an emphasis on developing 'Christ-like' genes in our kids.

Shouldn't we be nurturing and investing into them. Just like any family, we would all like our good genes to past down to our future kids.

Kid Christian T Shirt for Toddlers

These t shirt were made for the teachers and helpers who assisted each week. The bright yellow t shirts could help parents spot the toddler team and where to sign their children in for the Sunday morning meeting.

kid christian t shirt logo

If we are to pass down our physical genes, wouldn't it be just as important to impart into them spiritual genes too?


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As children, they are the next generation of christians. They will be counting and making a difference for Christ. They will be the ones telling the world that Jesus lives.

We need to be building into our children's lives. Especially their spiritual lives.

Encouraging them, teaching them, praying with them, reading with them and going to church with them. We are to be an example that they would be able to follow.

They are people in their own right, and also deserve to be ministered to, just as much as adults. They are a like a freshly unwrapped sponge. Absorbing everything that they see, hear and do.

How can we expect the next generation to be ready to minister, if we are not laying down the foundations for the future?

Kid Christian T Shirt for Pre-Schoolers

Again the teachers, small group leaders, worship team and the sign-in team all wear branded t shirts.

The logo concept was to have a "superman logo". With the letter 'J' inside the shield.

kid christian t shirt logo

Kids are not only part of the church of today but they are the church of tomorrow.

That is why children's ministry is such a vital part of any church family.

The couple of kid's ministry logo designs that have been created to identify the several ministries for the various age groups. All artwork like posters, registration forms, letters and name tags would contain the logo so it makes it easy to recognize and where to go.

From the logo designs, t shirts were fashioned too.

Kid Christian T Shirt for Survivor Holiday Club

During the school holidays. We ran a few Holiday Clubs for kids to come and have fun, learn, adventure, make friends, praise, sing, arts and crafts and get to know God a lot more.

kid christian t shirt logo

Kid Christian T Shirt for Kidz Inc. Holiday Club

kid christian t shirt logo

For each logo we had a theme and look and feel that came across in team t shirts for the holiday week.

If you are ever stuck on what to design for children, then trying giving them each a blank t shirt, fabric paint and a theme and let their imaginations run wild. This way you are able to see what they really see.

When you see what children really aspire to, then designing a really cool kid christian t shirt will be as much fun for you than it is for them to wear.


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