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Hey Derek

Do you have any good Inkscape recommended tutorials that will help me learn to use Inkscape quickly and easily. Since I have a macbook pro and a separate monitor, I have two screens now side by side so I want to put the tutorial on one screen, while I work with Inkscape on the other.

I was wondering can you recommend a good tutorial for me. I did find this and the premium membership is $9/month. Is it worth it and is it a good source of knowledge for a beginner or is there something else better that's free of charge?



Hi Bret

Glad you have gone for Inkscape, it's a useful application.

As a new beginner, starting out is a bit overwhelming and most often you are not quite sure where to start. Also there is so much info on how to start and what to do first. It can become a bit of an overload.

Your approach is a good one. To have the tutorial and the application open side by side so you can learn as you do it.

The best is to take it step by step. Learn the basics, the keys and the tools and the function of each tool. Familiarise yourself with Inkscape. Once you know where everything is and what each tool does then it is just a matter of getting down and working at it.

Just go ahead and do it.

Once you know the basics then its easy to try experiment with more advanced designs and objects. Then find some more advanced tuts online.

I found some handy free tutorial resources.

Helpful tutorials:
Inkscape basic
Inkscape advanced
Inkscape tutorial
Inkscape creative tutorial

Have fun!

View some more helpful tutorials

1. Inkscape - Best Software for Beginners
2. Inkscape Video Tutorial


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