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Hi Derek

I have some T-shirt designs in mind which will use clip art and text. One of them involves a recycling symbol.

I know nothing about graphic design (except that I'll probably want to use vector graphics so the design will be scalable). The program must be easy to learn. Also, it should work on my MacBook Pro.

I was going to use Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro 2 for the Logo. But you recommend Inkscape and Gimp on your website.

Remember, I have no experience in graphic design so which program do you think would be EASIEST for me to learn and is Mac compatible? (And free would be a nice bonus too)



Good day Bret

Thanks very much for your email.

Excited for you trying out some of your own t shirt designs, thats great!

Regarding which software bests suits your idea, the vector option is the way to go.

From a graphic designers point of view I have never used Logo Design Studio Pro 2, so I am unable to give you my review. I have checked out the software online and it looks like a great bit of software. It does come with a few templates to use which is always a bonus too.

It looks like its probably easy to use software and it has basic functions. Only thing is, can it be used to design further elements, like banners, posters, flyers etc.?

From my experience Inkscape is a pretty simple, yet sophisticated program. Not only is it a vector application but can do much more that just design a logo.

Using a MacBook Pro myself, both pieces of software, Inkscape and Gimp are Mac compatible. Logo Design Studio Pro 2 runs on 10.5 or higher which is also compatible with Inkscape.

What I suggest is give Inkscape a try. It is free. It is always a great advantage to learn something new, as then you can always build on it in the future for other designing projects.

Trust this helped you a bit!

Let me know how it goes and would be keen to see a pic of your completed design!


Thanks, I will try Inkscape. It's a good thing it's free because Illustrator is very expensive and so is photoshop so it's a good way for me to get started and not go broke in the process.

I plan to open up a store on Zazzle or Cafepress or some other such site. That way, they handle the printing and distribution of the products (that saves me the overhead) and I can just concentrate on designing and marketing my products say on Facebook or some other site.

I have a few questions:

  1. I was wondering, do you think that funny T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, Beer mugs, etc will sell in a poor economy?

  2. Can I legally use clipart that was created by somebody else? I'm not an artist so I don't think I could create my own designs.

  3. Can I copyright or trademark my designs so I protect them from other people? I know you can trademark a logo but what about a T-shirt design?


Morning Bret

Yes, only if you are going to seriously go into the design field then it would make sense to buy software.

Zazzle is a great online site to distribute your designs, that is what I have done.


  1. Yes. When it comes to merchandise there is always a market that will buy, even in a downward economy.

    But, the important thing is to tap into the right market and to have a niche that is different to others. I have my own personal designs and website that I sell t shirts on.

    I do have a Zazzle store too. One thing to remember is that the only way that you are going to be able to sell is if you can generate traffic to your website. Without traffic, your selling online is basically not going to be that successful. 

    I use to have a website that I sold software but if failed horribly. I hardly sold anything, because I didn't have enough traffic. I then came across SBI. I have created my own website with SBI. They have given me the tools and step by step process of actually creating a business online that will generate an income for you. Feel free to check it out and let me know if this is something that you had in mind for yourself. Visit: SBI

  2. Yes, you can use clipart. A lot of publishers offer clipart for free for you use for yourself, but just check their terms and conditions. Some allow you to use it but not for resale. Best to get permission from them. Stock photos are the same.

  3. Yes you can trademark your designs, but it is quite a process to get it registered and trademarked. I know that with Zazzle your own designs that you create and post online is your own property. In their terms you can't copy exactly other designs that infringe on logos etc. If someone does copy your designs to the tee, then you can report it to Zazzle for reviewing.


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