Create Your Own Imaginative
T Shirt Designs

The Custom T Shirt Design Mind

Do you have an artistic 'design mind' for creating your own t shirt designs?

Or do you have 'imaginative concepts' for funny, funky, crazy and cool t shirt design ideas?

If you have said 'yes' to either one of these questions, then I bet, brewing up inside your head, is the next to design your own t shirts?

Welcome. This website has been especially created with you in mind!

With your very own 'creative mind' being the key, the key to great design.

Design is very much a 'visual feature' and this site has been outlined to influence, inspire and ignite you, through words and humor. In this way you can develop your own 'visual designs' for your own t shirts.

Mastering your 'design mind' (your right mind, the creative side) is a crucial factor. It starts with you having a mental picture first, and then expanding that mental picture into a design of your choice.

design your own t shirts

There are quite a few reasons why designing can be mentally challenging. offers you stacks of free knowledge on different aspects of designing t shirts, by looking at it from a fresh, new angle.

Learn to design your own tshirt and become a t shirt designer with your own signature mark!

Design your own T Shirts

Through this website I will also offer you my personal experience and my design expertise. Wow, your very own online design tutor!

I have also found a freedom by being creative in your own exclusive way that others will enjoy and look forward too!

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On this website you will also find:

  • Terrific design tips
  • Learning useful skills by putting them into practice like professional
    t shirt designers
  • Why design and life are very similar like two peas in a pod
  • Start a t shirt business as a hobby
  • How beginner designers can also enjoy the design journey
  • And much much more relating to developing your own custom t shirt design


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt