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Want a bite out of the Big Apple?

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I am sure you have seen plenty of 'I love NY t shirts'. If not plenty, then I am sure at least one!

With so many 'I love NY t shirts' around, have you ever thought of as to why people like these t shirts?

I guess it has got to do with the experience that they have had in New York.

There must be something special. Special enough that is leaves them singing, from the words of Frank Sinatra "New York, New York". For the New Yorkers living in the city, they obviously love it because they have made New York their home.

Something keeps them there!

Are you apart of New York?

The 'Big Apple' is known to be a 'fruitful' place...excuse the pun. A city that never sleeps that is always on the go and determined to be the best city in the world. To be a place where there is plenty of opportunities available and to be productive in what ever it does.

New York, means different things to everyone and also has a wide variety of elements that make it unique.

NY Pigeon shirt
NY Pigeon T Shirt


Design your very own New York t shirts online.

People want to 'be apart of it'. Everyone wants a piece of New York. Or should I rather say that everyone would love a bite of the Big Apple.

For those who have not been to New York, what they have read and seen, they crave to have a piece of.

Others of us who have visited, walked the streets, smelt the air and seen the lights have had a taste of the Big Apple.

From the buzz and energy that the Big Apple oozes out. To the site seeing and history that in front of you all the time.

I Kiss New York shirt
I Kiss New York T Shirt

What's your favorite bite
of the Big Apple?

There is nothing quite like taking a bite out of an apple. You not quite sure of how it will taste. Perhaps sweet or sour, tart or overripe, crisp or soft.

Most of us have our chosen ways on how we like an apple and how it is supposed to be for us.

I prefer my apple, red, crunchy and crisp, not to sweet but with a hint of sourness. And it's just like that for New York.

We all like at least one aspect of New York, maybe three, four, or five. Or, we just like it as it, and enjoy it all!

Experience some these delicious bites from the Big Apple:

  • Wall Street
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Manhattan Island
  • Yankees Baseball Stadium
  • Times Square
  • Rockefeller Centre
  • Subways
  • Central Park
  • Hotdog vendors
  • Police on horseback

With these chewy bits that you can get your teeth into, you can see why people relish wearing their 'I love NY t shirts.'

Why is New York called the Big Apple?

I love NY  shirt
Kiss me I'm from NY Shirt

There a few thoughts as to how the Big Apple got its name:

  1. The word 'apple' was a term used in the early 1920's for the prizes given to the winning horse races around New York City. Trainers and jockeys dreamed to race on New York City's tracks. As it was seen as the finest place to race and therefore got the name the "Big Apple."

  2. New York City was the top-ranking place to perform if you were a musician or in show biz. So again the "Big Apple" phrase was used.

  3. The official state fruit of New York is the apple.

Frank says it best " I'm spreading the news"...the news about how fantastic New York is. And 'I love NY t shirts' can be part of that news. Telling the world, just how fabulous New York really is!


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