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Is the Left side the Right side?

i heart t shirts

Have you ever been curious, as to why 'I heart t shirts' so often reflect a heart shape and yet don't have the same shape as a normal human heart?

Firstly, have a look at the human heart.

It's an unusual shape, a little bit like a giant out of shape strawberry, don't you think.

With the arteries on top looking very much like the stalk and leaves on top of a strawberry.

The human heart has tissue, blood, oxygen, cells, muscles and veins. It is actually quite gross looking.

It is not really the delightful image of pretty hearts that we see on Valentine's day, now is it.

Compared to most of the human body like the rib cage, nose and mouth, the human heart is not symmetrical at all.

Where does the symmetrical heart shape come from?

The heart logo that we have all come to know and love was created around about the 15th century.

There are a few explanations:

  1. The heart symbol originated in European art and folklore.

  2. It might have been inspired by the human anatomy. Depicting certain sections of the human body, in particular the female body.

  3. At the time there was a certain plant called 'silphium'. (is now extinct). And its seed/fruit was very important to several cultures. It was used in a lot of medicines. Interestingly, it had the shape of the heart symbol, so its possible that it was fashion after it.

I Heart Nerds T Shirt shirt
I Heart Nerds T Shirt

What does a 'Heart' represent?

From the beginning of creation, love existed. Love is a result of why the world was made and the reason that it keeps going around.

But what symbol visually shows off love?

In our modern society today, the heart has become a worldwide representation of love.

The heart for some cultures like the Greek and Hebrew's, was a symbol of the inner man. It illustrated the strength, feelings, intentions and real core of a person. So when we hear a person say they 'poured out their heart' to another person, they are basically saying that they sharing their inner most thoughts, feelings and love.

Back then, people, didn't have their 'i heart t shirts' to show off their affections but instead they would sign a letter to their loved one ending with heart designs.

Vintage Love T Shirt
Vintage Love T Shirt

What does a 'Heart' symbolise?

Besides the primary and obvious, love, the heart also symbolises many other qualities that are naked to the human eye.

  • life
  • passion
  • giving
  • emotion
  • hope
  • trust

But the heart shape was not the only symbol that portrayed love. Through out the centuries, many different cultures have had their own symbol for love. Insects, animals, flowers, plants, the sun, moon and stars are but a few.

What can I say, the heart is a strange thing. Matters of the heart have always been a mystery that people have always tried to express and show.

For some people it's easy to express what's in their heart where as for others its a little more difficult. So that's why a t shirt is such a brilliant idea!

Love is not a feeling but an act of will. Its not only saying "I love you" with your words but also with your actions.

What better action than to give a t shirt that says "I love you".

Benefits of wearing 'I heart t shirts'

  • They can help heal and mend a broken heart
  • They can encourage and give courage
  • They can tell of your passion and show your compassion

The heart is a hidden language of saying 'I love you'.

Where to place your heart on a t shirt?

Wouldn't you agree, that what you just read was very interesting!

The next step is to take this info and apply it to your own designs when designing your own 'I heart t shirts'.

I suggest your t shirt heart designs be put as close to your own heart as possible. From the centre of your rib cage, measure just a few centimeters to the left. Now that's the right side! Then work your wording and the rest of your design around the position of your heart.

Now that's speaking from the heart!

I Love My Hubby T shirt
I Love My Hubby T Shirt

I love my job T Shirt shirt
I Love my Job T Shirt

Who can you create I heart t shirts for:

  • wife or husband
  • boyfriend or girlfriend
  • food or place
  • pet or hobby
  • sport or profession

Just about anything that you love!

So go ahead and wear your 'i heart t shirts' on your sleeve.


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