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Funny Cartoons, Caricatures and Illustrations

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Lets have a closer look at why funny comical characters on humor
t shirts can enhance the funniness of your t shirt design.

Are you skilled at drawing or creating your own cartoon or comical characters?

If so, well then you have an advantage in portraying humor from another angle.

Others have a knack for using witty words and smart funny sayings to get their humor across. Their play on words with puns and metaphors are cleverly crafted. Some people use a combination of words, sayings and t shirt images. This way the image helps to reinforce the funniness.

As an illustrator your way of 'talking funny' is through your drawings and sketches.

But what if you are not a great illustrator or even drawing up characters, then maybe this will inspire you to give it a try and start experimenting with some drawing techniques. If you are not a pencil and paper person then give it a try on your computer.

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Canny Cartoons for Humor T Shirts

We sometimes tend to think of cartoons as being child like that portray a bit of slap stick humor. But it is quite the opposite. A lot more humor is expressed through cartoons and cartoon characters.

Why, because we can make cartoons look funny and do silly things. (I think that a lot of the silly things that we see cartoons doing is from experiences that the creators themselves have had or wished that they had had).

As it is a fun media to use then why not have fun with it for your designs. Be completely wacky and zany.

New fictitious characters that you have created make your design that more original. Your character can be an animal, a clock, a car, just about anything. Why, it can even be an ice popsicle. Give you character with their own personality and look.

Melted Ice Cream Shirt shirt
Melted Ice Cream T Shirt

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As I mentioned above, cartoons no need to always be drawn up perfectly onto paper, rather sketch basic stick figures or shapes that you can use to get your idea out. Then after that you can clean them up on your computer with editing software or recreate them entirely from scratch with your design software.

Your cartoon character is a static image and is not like an animated cartoon character that is moving from the different video frames. Therefore your cartoon doesn't necessarily have to be 2D or 3D looking.

However you want to communicate your humor, use the style that works best for you.

Creative Caricatures for
Humor T Shirts

Another direction to explore for funny and cool t shirt ideas is through caricatures. Caricatures are basically imitating certain characteristics of a person or an object by exaggerating them a bit.

Take a good look at well-known people, tv characters, celebrities or friends.

Most newspaper, magazines and books take the current news affairs and make a laugh of what is happening with the use of caricatures.

Political cartoonists will pick on politicians, celebrities and just about anyone in the media entertainment industry. Guys like this are talented artists, especially at sketching people.

Leonardo's famous Mona Lisa painting has been a classic example of people having fun with caricatures. Mona Lisa's face and sitting position is so recognizable that her face is used in such funny creative ways.

Mona Lisa Pumpkin shirt
Mona Lisa Pumpkin T Shirt

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Why not start with yourself. Go to the mirror and take a good look at yourself. See what funny things about yourself you can spot. If you do want to live life without being so serious, then you will celebrate those unique traits about yourself rather than criticize them.

Then get to work sketching yourself with your funny features. Find facial features that can be over emphasized so people can see it's you. (I myself have a bit of a protruding nose and that is what makes me, ME!)

Work at it and then design it onto a t shirt. Add a clever phrase about you that most people would know. You could even make a caricature of what you would look like in about 20 years that would be funny too!

Caricature ideas for your humor t shirts:

  1. Your family. A great idea is for family reunions. Draw up a caricature of each your immediate family, your mom, dad, brothers or sisters. Find out what their favorite color is and have their caricature printed on their favorite color t shirt.

  2. Year end work function t shirts. Give each staff member a self portrait of themselves in their own job position.

  3. Year end graduation class.

  4. Winning sports team.

  5. Wedding gift with both the bride and groom's caricatures
    on a t shirt.

Impressive Illustrations for
Humor T Shirts

Firstly, an illustration is a visual image that is displayed as a graphic, picture, drawing, diagram, symbol or even a painting.

To get a certain point across or to communicate a piece of information effectively, an illustration is used. For people to see it visually gets the message across easier.

And the same principle goes for designing humor t shirts. You have an idea that without an illustration to reinforce it, wouldn't probably work well. But with a bit of a visual aid, your t shirt design can really be convincing.

Will You Marry Me? shirt
Will You Marry Me T Shirt

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So what type of illustration is best to use?

Well, illustrations need not always be realistic looking, because they are just an 'illustration' in the first place and not the real thing.

The most simple, uncomplicated illustration is the best. As humor it self is simple too. If humor is to complicated it loses its punch line it needs to be quick and to the point.

Illustrations are meant to be silly and slap stick, with a bit of tongue and cheek added in too, that is why strange t shirts are very successful.

Here are a few ideas to use:

  • Stick men or figures
  • Outlines
  • Silhouettes
  • Shapes
  • Doodles

So you decide on whatever style you prefer. Just have fun creating your humor t shirts with their own individual identity.


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