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Turning Hardship into Humor

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How can you take your really tough times and turn them around into happy hilarious tees?

If you think about it, most of our everyday lives are geared towards solving and sorting out problems or situations. Whether at home, at work, relationships with friends, family or our spouse, we are always approached with a few curve balls that we have to deal with.

Even when we want to get away from all the upside down stuff of life, like taking a vacation, having fun out with a couple of mates, or even a quite evening with your spouse, guess what...problems always arise.

I have learnt that its not always 'where' you handle your down sides to life but more so, 'how' you handle them.

How about this for an example, my wife and I, together with our two kids took a trip for a week to the sea.

O' but it just sounds so lovely, beach sand, sea air and a change in scenery.

Perfect isn't it!

But guess what, life happens. My little boy got an ear and chest infection and that made the first few days of our holiday a bit miserable.

You can be just about anywhere, even on a paradise island, but one thing is for sure, even there you will still have a few solutions to come up with.

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So what has this all got to do with hilarious tees?

"Reference material."

That's right, reference material.

We all need some new ideas for t shirts, don't we. Well sometimes the funniest ideas come from the tough times we go through!

It's a matter of seeing the positive and funny side to any hardship that we go through.

Helpful Humor with Hilarious Tees


Build your own funny t shirt online.

Despite the many ups and downs, you have to agree, what an absolutely beautiful world we live in.

And what makes it even more beautiful is the delightful ways that we all tackling situations. Some of us just cringe with helplessness, others of us take the challenge head on. And then others look to totally unordinary methods.

It's these methods that are fuel for your hilarious tees. Not only are they so unorthodox but what you do to get yourself out of tough situations are also so funny.

How to make a plan:

My VW beetle broke down on the freeway on my way home from college one evening. It was peak hour traffic and low and behold I was driving bumper to bumper when as I pushed my accelerator pedal in to change my gears...SNAP...my accelerator cable snapped.

I pumped my accelerator pedal flat to the floor but it was useless, no power.

I starting thinking to myself, how am I going to get out of this situation? I needed to step on the gas quick to get moving again.

So there I was on the freeway blocking the middle lane of traffic.

I thought to myself that if I can jam an object into the engine to keep the accelerator open, I could just make it out of here.

So I grabbed an empty Coke bottle top, ran to the back of the car, opened the engine flap and stuffed the bottle top into the accelerator.

By stuffing it in, my car was permanently revving so loudly, like a dragster.

But I had to first turn off the engine, put it onto gear, turn the ignition key and then drive away.

All that was required for me was to control the brake.

By doing this it was like my foot was flat down on the fuel pedal. I was able to pull off okay and get got home safely!

There have been plenty of other times that I have to 'make a plan' when driving my beetle, the other stories I will save for another time.

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I had to make a plan at the spur of the moment, and glad I did! You can see how the solution that I came up with was at the time the best option, but thinking back, it was so funny...using a small bottle top to power a car!

In the words of Hannibal Smith from the A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Now I can tell my funny story at my social gatherings. I have even created one to add to my collection of hilarious tees to brag about my cool experience too.

Benefits of Hilarious Tees

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I found that expressing yourself through designing, is quite therapeutic.

  1. By having fun with your hilarious tees is a relaxing way of getting things off your chest

  2. Helps you to deal with traumatic or unkind things from the past

  3. Gets you focused on what lies ahead for you, a better, playful future

Sometimes it's laughing during those awkward tough times that helps us get through them.

So if you are really going to cry about something, then make it worth your while by rather crying with historical laughter. Cry yourself a river with hilarious tees.


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