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Halftime or Happening Humor

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Are you fascinated as to how you can come up with funny ideas for hilarious t shirts?

Coming up with ideas, especially entertaining and clever ones, means you need to be kept on the ball. By staining sharp and having your wits about you, it becomes a lot effortless when creating funny designs.

But what if you are not on top form and you just can't seem to find
the funny in things?

Well, then I think its about time you need to take a step back and see things in a new light.

Let me show you two ways, how you can generate some new comical ideas.

Hilarious T Shirts with Halftime Humor

The first way to get ideas is to take a break. Switch off from every thing that you regularly do. Every now and then, we all need a break from our every day routine.

Taking time out is the best thing that we can all do. Having a weekend away from home, or a night out at the theatre, movies or a sports game.

Do something that you have fun doing and do it. Try doing something completely new.

This is what I like to call 'halftime'. Having a halftime breather from life is so vital to thinking up ideas. Once you have had a break then your brain is ready to get thinking again.

Halftime humor is when you take the time to sit down and think about it. Plan and come up with jokey t shirt designs. Work at it until you have a couple of skillfully created interesting t shirts. Push through and don't give up.

This is the humor that has a lot of thought and work put into it.

Turn the tough times of life into ha-ha-hilarious humor!

Find out how you can with your own hilarious tees.

Save Gas Use Water - Camel T-Shirt shirt
Save Gas Use Water - Camel T-Shirt

Look Mom, No Hands! shirt
Look Mom, No Hands T Shirt

Some of these t shirts are used for those special occasions like:

Hilarious T Shirts
with Happening Humor

The second way that can lead to funny ideas, is to be at the right place at the right time.

And where you are at the moment, is the right place.

This is what I like to call, 'happening humor'.
I love this type of humor. It's the events and circumstances that we face and see everyday. We just can't get away from them as they are around us all the time. It's this humor that keeps life interesting and fun.

duct tape - silence is golden duct tape is silver shirt
Silence is Golden Duct Tape is Silver T-Shirt

Who Left the Fridge Open T-Shirt shirt
Who Left the Fridge Open T Shirt

So what do I mean?

You have got to find humor in your life everyday. You got to laugh at yourself about the really silly things you do and say.

How many times do we share with friends and family our funny experiences that we go through. This is great resource material to use to create your t shirt images.

Funny ideas come to you instantly without even having to think about them.

Best ideas for Hilarious T Shirts

If I had to have a t shirt for every funny moment that happened in my life, I would need to rent a warehouse just store all my shirts. Imagine the amount of hilarious t shirts that I could have owned by now.

What if my parents had written down every single silly thing I did and funny thing from the time I was born right up until I was 21 years old, could you imagine the cool funny ideas I would be able to make for t shirts.

After that then my study years, dating years and now my marriage years...so so much to choose from.

So it might be an idea to invest in, for your children, (if you don't have any yet then remember this) make a t shirt for every funny thing your child does. Perhaps it was something naughty or something they did that had to be seen by a doctor.

When they turn 21 years old, you will then have a wide selection of t shirts each with its own story to tell. You will have plenty to choose from when preparing your speech.

So keep a look out. Every opportunity has the potential for a funny t shirt design.

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How to Become a Pirate T-Shirt

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I See Dead Pixels T Shirt


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