Graphic Tee Shirts

What is your Graphic Design style?

Do you know what type of design style you have when it comes to designing graphic tee shirts?

What is your t shirt design style?

  • grunge style
  • retro style
  • comical style
  • illustrative style
  • cartoon style
  • corporate style
  • words and text style

Each of these styles can be skillfully and graphically arranged on a t shirt.

Everywhere you look you can see how different t shirt designers portray designs with t shirt pictures.

Some examples of designs are very organic and flowing into each other, with different design elements merging and integrating into each other. Other designs are hard edge and straight and separate. And separated with lines and rigid outlines and shapes.

Then other styles are more messy looking and have a grunge, rough and rugged look. Graphic tee shirts with flat color design styles like cartoons and illustrations are are always intriguing as its interesting to see what characters, designers have created for their shirts.

Tshirt pictures can also be composed up of t shirt quotes, by using a varierty of fonts to make up words onto tees.

Can you really design graphic tees?

Yes you can. You can be a t shirt graphic design professional. The first step would be to find a graphic that you are keen to put on a t shirt.

Now this might be a graphic for your own t shirt of even for a client that has asked you to design. If it is for yourself then anything that you like can be printed for your shirt.


6 Advantages to being a t shirt designer.

But if its for a client then they maybe have given you a brief and specific details that they would like on the t shirt. Most times they would like a graphic design t shirt logo to promote their company or product.

When looking for a t shirt graphic for your shirt, find a picture that is intriguing to you. Add several design elements to enhance your designs.

Heart Sketch shirt
Heart Sketch T-Shirt

Tribal Eagle shirt
Tribal Eagle T-Shirt

Throw in your own particular style, whatever it may be. If you good at sketching then sketch away. If its photo manipulation then go ahead.

Remember to have pride, tee shirts with your own designs on, is a reflection of that creativity inside of you.

When you comfortable designing with your own style, then be willing to take a step forward and experiment with other design styles with more graphic tee shirts.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt