Best Graphic Tee Tips

Finding the Right Graphic


To be a tee or not to be a graphic tee, that is the question!

If you were given carte blanche, total freedom to design any graphic for your tee, what would be top of mind that you would want to put onto a tee?

I guess there is so much you can use for visual imagery, so many ideas and designs, but at the end it comes down to 'choice', what you actually like. And what you like is up to you. And there are no restrictions as to what you show on your tee.


Find out more about what a graphic is.

If its just a spontaneous tee that you want to design, then go wild, it could be a graphic that means something to you, special or has a significance to you at a certain time, perhaps like your wedding engagement.

How about graphic vintage tees for you and your spouse of your proposal and engagement party. It is a design that will bring back memories and can always be shared with your kids when they are older.

Your interests, hobbies and work are a great source of material for t shirt designs.

Now that you know 'what' to put on a t shirt, the following three ingredients make a big difference in producing a good crafted tee:

  1. High-quality resolution graphics
  2. Quality software
  3. Good t shirt printer

If you were planning to create designer graphic tees for a customer or a client, having a detailed description of what they have in mind would really get you designing in the right direction.

  • Ask the client for a brief, and if they say "anything", ask them again for more info.
  • The less info you have the more likely you might not hit the mark. And might have to start over if the client doesn't like any ideas.

A brief is sometimes thought of as a "restriction" when trying to design and many might think it hinders your 'creativity and flare'.But it is the complete opposite. Some of your best work comes from time spent on puzzling out good concepts. How many times when faced with competition, does that gem of an idea really come out when mined deeply.

Take a look at both Pepsi and Coca-Cola ads, they really push the boundaries in their advertising. They have to keep up with each others challenges, and the only way is to stay one step ahead, is by thinking under pressure.

So when the heat is on, real creativity actually flourishes and examples like funny graphic tees are often the result.

Make graphic t shirts personal and fun when designing for yourself or friends. And getting a reaction from people, when they see your design is totally priceless.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt