What are Graphic T Shirts?

A Helpful Guide


Just what are graphic t shirts and what do you mean by 'graphic'?

Most people think of a graphic as a picture or an image but actual fact it is a few of these things:

  • a visual
  • a symbol
  • a diagram
  • a drawing
  • a pictorial image
  • an illustration
  • writing and letters

The word 'graphic' comes from the word 'graph', which is based on the Greek word 'graphos' meaning 'written'.

'Written' comes from the German word 'reissen' meaning 'sketch, carve'.

And that is exactly what writing was, it was carving lines into letters, in the same way lines are carved into pictures, ie. graphics.

Heart Sketch shirt
Heart Sketch T-Shirt

Tribal Eagle shirt
Tribal Eagle T-Shirt

Basically a graphic is a representation of something else. It can be something visual that will stand for another thing.

A graphic is sometimes very metaphorical. It is an interpretation of how something, a situation, a person or an object is portrayed.


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The word 'graphic' carries with it bad connotations sometimes. Most times when have seen a photo or watching the tv, a warning before will come up and say "that the image or footage shown is of a graphic nature". All that they are saying is that what is to be shown is quite disturbing and in your face.

But it is not all doom and gloom, 'graphic' can be flipped 180 degrees on its head and mean the complete opposite.

And that's the positive side!

There are many ways to so called 'skin a cat', just like there are many ways to see a graphic. It is not always the 'graphic' but rather how the 'graphic is shown'.

Any graphic can be shown in a good light. Sometimes if it is serious or you want to convey a strong communication about an issue or something that is going on in the world.


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Then to design graphic t shirts, takes on a different approach, it addresses an issue like, animal poaching. A very strong image of what happens to animals might be appropriate to use.

But then there is also the not so serious side of life, like a t shirt graphic that shows the enthusiastic and playful side of t shirt graphic design. Funny graphic t shirts are always the favorites amongst t shirts.

Become a graphic designer that can draw from any graphics you see, giving you a free range license to create graphic design t shirts that can be made up at the spur of the moment.

Now knowing what a graphic is and how it came about, it is just a matter of you carving out your own graphic tees.


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