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6 Advantages to being a T Shirt Designer

I guess you never really thought of the advantages of being a graphic t shirt designer.

I bet you never thought how convenient it is to just pick up a pencil or notepad make a sketch or jump straight onto your computer and fiddle around with a design that you have thought about.

This simple process we take for granted and think of it as the norm to us, but for others, they might not have the design skills and visualization to come up with a t shirt graphic.

Its not that you are better than them, its just the way you are wired, you have a talent for creating graphics. Its easier for you but a bit more effort is required for others to get the same result as you.

Within any profession we become use to what we do and how we do things. It sometimes is like a well oiled Swiss precision clock that never needs winding up. (though occasionally we do need a battery change).

As a t shirt graphic design expert, the two biggest allies that you have routing for you in your corner, go by the names of:

Resources and Time.

Having these two commodities, opens up even more possibilities.

So what does time and resources have to do with designing designer graphic tees?

Well, as a t shirt designer, you can make your own graphics for your t shirts for a hobby, but you can offer a fee for your resources and time. This has the potential for your hobby to be a profitable business.

That is why its much simpler for you to come up with graphic design t shirts. Its a great benefit for you to outsource your own design skills.

You can offer your expertise and experience to customers or friends that need are looking for it.

The following 6 advantages can be offered to potential clients:

  1. Stock images - Your knowledge of where to find good free and royalty free stock photos and also vector based images will save you time when creating a graphic t shirt.

  2. Fonts - You would know where to find good free typography that is new and edge cutting as well as different styles of fonts.

  3. Printers - What printers you use for quick delivery service.

  4. Hardware and software - Having invested in quality software and hardware for designing to a vital resource you can offer.

  5. Forums and blogs - If you where stuck on ideas or images for that cool graphic t shirt. Your know-how of a support system of forums and blogs offer tons of help and tips.

  6. Time - Most important time. What you can design in an hour others will take several hours. So your time is valuable

Never undermine yourself of what potential you have as a designer.


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