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How many of you have asked the question, "Can I really afford a top-notch graphic logo design for my company or business?"

And the answer to that question is, yes. Yes you can afford it!

So if you are not convinced that you can actually afford a logo then should you not be asking yourself, "Can I afford NOT to have my own professional corporate logo identity design?"

And the answer to that is, no. You can't afford not to!

Well, let me show you how for the cost of less than a cappuccino a day you can utilize the expertise of a brand identity designer to create for yourself a personal and influential graphic design logo.

Do I need to have a Graphic Logo Design for my Business?

Okay, so let me put it into perspective.

You are an upcoming entrepreneur. You have a great idea to start a business for yourself. The business plan is sorted, the premises are arranged. You have either hired staff or you are going at it alone. You have bought equipment, vehicles, furniture etc.

To do all of this you needed a bit of upfront capital. Perhaps you have had to take out a loan for getting the business off the ground. All of this so far has cost you quite a lot of money.

I'm sure you thinking that having a corporate identity design is the last thing that I need to have.

But actually it is an extremely vital part to your business, if not one of the most important parts of you business.

Without a corporate identity, people are not going to know who you are, They not going to know what your business is about.

So you need to show people what you are about. You want to be seen as the best in the business and want to be taken seriously, as a professional. And your logo is what says all of this to a potential client.

They should be able to look at your logo in an instance and know, 'these guys are pros.'

And the way to do that is with your own unique custom logo design.

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Do I need a Graphic Logo Design for my current Business?

What if you already are an established business?

Perhaps you already have a logo brand for your company.

Maybe when you started your business, you put your logo together yourself with the help of Microsoft Word clipart or a basic shapes application. You just used the first font and pic that you could find and slapped it together.

And I am sure that you are very proud and close to that logo as it was something that was at the inception of your business.

The next question to ask yourself, "Is my business logo old, outdated and just not professional looking?"

One thing to remember is that times change. Trends change. Tomorrow changes.

You got to be able to keep up with the times. You got to still be competitive and appeal to the customers of today as well as tomorrow.

Remaining contemporary and fresh is the way forward.

Just take a look at big major brands of the world. Most of them have had completely new revamping done on their logo designs. They have had professional design studios create, update and make their logos more likable and trendy.

Now with world-class logos they can continue to be seen as world-class companies.

So why not give your company logo the overhaul. Why not let a team of professionals re-look at your logo and bring it up to standard with world-class brands.

Will Graphic Logo Design
Improve my Business?

If you are looking at breaking into the market with your brilliant and unique product, people need to know about it. If people don't know about it, well then your business is basically dead.

So you got to get the word out there. And the way to go about getting exposure is through effective and creative marketing.

Marketing your business is the life of any company. But, the efficacy of your marketing, and getting good results depends mostly on the image or logo of your company. Does your graphic logo design have a professional image?

How can you get customers to take you serious, if you are not serious about your own company's image?

So to be taken serious, you got to look serious. You will need a brand identity, your very own brand logo.

You have heard the words, 'first impressions count'. Well they certainly do.

If you were to give a potential client a scrappy piece of paper with the name of your business and contact details written on them, I am most certain that they would look at the piece of paper twice. As soon as you are round the corner they would have crumpled it up and tossed it in the waste paper basket. Never to hear from them again.

But if you were to have a great business card design with you personal details and company logo design on, well now you are talking.

Remember your logo will be carried through onto almost every piece of advertising, marketing material, equipment and clothing to help reinforce your company as a brand.

That is why it is crucial to have a memorable logo design.

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Is Graphic Logo Design affordable?

Just like any investment, you see the returns after a while. If you don't put anything in you not going to get anything out.

Your logo design is an investment that has the potential to bring you great returns. If you can see that upfront, settle it now and then make that fundamental deposit into your business you will not regret it.

Did you know that for less than the cost of a cappuccino you can have your own custom graphic design logo?

I bet you never thought of that now, did you.

Well, now you can.

If you had to give up that cappuccino that you buy at Starbucks everyday for 30 days, you can have a logo created.

Firstly, you wouldn't have to outlay any additional cost to get your logo designed and secondly you would be a lot more caffeine free after a month.

Why not make your own coffee in a flask just for a month, then order your custom logo for your company or business that you are starting up.

Then once you are happy with your new logo design, celebrate by treating yourself to a tall cappuccino at Starbucks with extra foam and cream.

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What are the Benefits of
Graphic Logo Design?

  • Let the creative skills of a designer work for you.
  • Clients will think highly of your company.
  • Attract more business because of your slick brand image.
  • Leverage your time well. Shift your time to doing what you know well, developing and growing your business.
  • A good graphic logo design will work for you 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

So have one less thing to worry about, let a creative design team establish your company's exclusive graphic logo design brand.


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