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Are you a graphic design t shirt expert?

See if you can answer any of these questions:

  1. How would you know, if you are a pro at designing a graphic t shirt?

  2. Have you had any professional training or have you taught yourself?

  3. Do you enjoy playing around and get a thrill from designing crazy shirts?

  4. Are you keen to constantly learn more about design and designing?

  5. Can you take images in your head and transfer then into t shirt pictures?

Oh Deer Not Again shirt
Oh Deer Not Again

Hang Out shirt
Hang Out shirt

After answering these questions, guess what if your have said 'yes' to any of them then you are on your way to becoming more of an expert.


Find out your graphic design technique.

We are all experts in our own way, we all have a level of expertise that others might not have. Others might have a bit more or some tons of experience. They only got that experience by designing over and over. Also by acquiring more and more knowledge to better their design skills.

Every designer needs to stay ahead of the latest design and influences, even a graphic design t shirt professional. It is not so we can be better than others, but more to offer clients and potential clients a better variety and selection of creativity.

What is a Graphic Designer?

When hearing the word 'graphic', what comes to mind?

Well, look at how you can choose the right 'graphic'.

Now when we say 'graphic designer', a different pictures comes to mind. I am sure most of us have an idea but maybe not the complete picture.

Firstly, there are different types of graphic designers.

Graphic design is such a broad career and many facets to it just like a diamond. There are many sides to a diamond but it is still called a diamond.

Those areas are:

In each of these areas or mediums, a designer is require to come up with visual elements to communicate a message. They might use images for print or for video or even for websites, but the same person is needed a 'graphic designer.'

If you want to bring across the message through visuals even more clearly, then its importune as to t 'how" you say the message. The message could serious or funny, emotive or scary or even just make you think a bit.


Find out the advantages of being a graphic t shirt designer.

Each designer specializes in their medium of expertise. Some use several mediums. But for each case, the same design principles apply just a few differences here and there when it comes to technical features.

Example, a poster design would require bleed and hi-res quality dpi, where as t shirt design no bleed is required and you can get away with medium quality resolution, it just depends on the way you want your design to look. Either clean and crisp or blurry and rough.

So remember GRAPHIC + DESIGN + T SHIRT = graphic design t shirt


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bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt