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Are you Unique to be a Geek?

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Anyone can wear a t shirt, but when it comes to geek t shirts, just how proud are you, at wearing one?

I am sure at least one time in our school days, college days or even in our work place we have either been called a 'geek' or have called someone else a 'geek'.

You might not have directly have spoken the word to someone's face, but perhaps you just thought to your self quietly, "What a geek?"

But with that 'geek' word floating around most of time, what does it actually mean and why do we still use it today?

What is a Geek?

Did you know that the word 'geek' originated in the late 19th century from English dialect gecko, which means 'fool, mad, silly'.

Isn't that exactly the impression that we get when we hear the word 'geek'. It conjures up pictures of a person who is a little bit unusual to what we are used too.

We also associate geeks to be computer and technology freaks, to be secluded from the general public and not very sociable.

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A geek is also a person that goes against the mainstream.
They would rather center on one thing rather than conform to everything else.

'Geek', has always had a bit of a negative connection to it. TV and movies have always portrayed the 'well educated' person to be a geek. They are the ones that dress and speak funny. Excel at school and are not part of the popular group.

They seem to have bizarre idiosyncrasies, in other words a little bit odd.

The picture of a geek has always been the thin nerdy looking person with the large black-rimmed glasses, braces in their teeth, pants pulled up really high over their collection of geek t shirts, which are supported with suspenders.

Some well known TV geeks:

A geek is almost like a secluded Superhero, like a Superman in their specific area on interest. They are the ones that we look up to when we want things fixed and sorted out.

But a geek is actually a person with an 'eccentric devotion' or an 'extraordinary enthusiast' to a certain interest or hobby.

The next question is, what if we were all the same? What if we all looked and done the same things?

Wouldn't the world be a bit boring?

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Are you a Unique Geek?

The beautiful thing about people is that we are each individually different. Not one person is the carbon copy of another person.

Our interests, hobbies and tastes appeal to us because we like that stuff. We dress the way we like to because it's the style we like. We are passionate about very distinct things and I am sure each of us has at least one habit that others find a bit strange.

So having said that, take a step back and look a bit wider.

Why, did you know that each and every person are their own 'geek'?

That's right!

Every one of us is a 'unique geek'. Uniquely created while behaving completely uniquely too.

Except that most of us prefer to keep our uniqueness, out talents, gifts and enthusiasms to ourselves and not to keen to show it to the world, as they might not like us for being ourselves. They might classify us as a 'geek'.

Not everyone is willing to be called a geek, but if you are ok to be called a geek, then its a privilege.

I am sure Richard Branson, international billionaire and Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who invented Facebook didn't mind being catalogued as being geeks. Why these geeks are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Geek T Shirts

Fashionable Geek Chic

Who could ever have imagined that geek clothes and geek stuff would be so popular?

Guess what, geek chic is one of the latest mainstream fashion trends, especially amongst celebrities, socialites and media personalities. They have brought back the geek look with stylish typical geek clothing and accessories, including the thick black rimmed glasses and side path hair style.

Suits are now worn with stylish geek t shirts underneath. No more ties and shiny shoes, but t shirts and sneakers is the trendy fad.

Geek is in!

Even celebrities like Justin Timberlake and David Beckham have shown that it's cool to be a geek.

Cool Geek T Shirts

Now days the word geek has broaden into other so many other industries, its not only the technology industry but geek t shirt can be found in almost every type of business.


Design your stylish t shirt. PLUS choose from a selection of other cool geek shirts.


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As for me, I am a bit of an Apple Mac geek!

So what unique geek are you?


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