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Do you know kind of humor you would like to design onto a funny christian t shirt?

I like to think that humor is a big part of our lives. It is what makes us forget about the concerns and situations that weigh us down as times. It not only gives us a boost but lets us laugh at things once in a while. It helps to keep our heart refreshed and remember that life is not always meant to be taken seriously!

So where then does humor originally come from?

Well, from the Creator of course.

God created us in His image and put us here to reflect Himself to everyone else. We have His sense of laughter and expressing ourselves joyfully. God gave us the ability to smile, to chuckle and to shed tears of laughter.

Proverbs 17:22 says 'A cheerful heart is good medicine'. We are to be the helpers of each other's joy, not the source of joy as that role is only for God, but we are to be encouraging and stirring each other on to gladness and glee.

Well, if that is what one of the purposes of humor is, then we should get stuck in and make the world laugh.

Humor is not meant to be something that makes fun of or ridicule others, as that is not what God intended it for. Its rather meant to show the 'simple truth' about something through a funny christian t shirt.

Truth is funnier than fiction.

What do I mean by that?


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Ok, so basically, humor is actually taking the truth and putting into a different context.

God's 'sense of humor' is His character. He is basically truthful, unexpected and unusual. And all He does is the same.

What God does is apply His truth to situations and circumstances to bring Him glory and honor. He applies it to our lives, to the events in our lives. The results and outcomes are totally unexpected. Something we would not have thought could happen.

Now how about applying that moment that God worked in and show it off through your very own funny christian t shirt.

Christian T Shirt Logo

Are you really a 'Logo for the Lord'?

Take for example the book of John

Jesus is the vine and we are the branches


If we pair up, feed on and stay in Jesus we will bear much fruit.


So use it in the context of 'computers today'.

Say something like: iPair (John 15:5)

iPair shirt
iPair (John 15:5) T Shirt

Take for example for Noah

God asked Noah and his family to build an ark.


There was a flood over the all the earth.


So use it in the context of 'food today'.

Say something like: God said 'Noah, I'm floodin' it'

Noah - i'm floodin' it shirt
Noah - 'i'm floodin' it' T Shirt

Each of these examples is what I like to call 'holy humor'. And is always welcome for a funny christian t shirt.

Christian T Shirt Slogan

Can you have a funny christian slogan for your own t shirt design?

Now what actually makes it funny?

It's the truth. All the small little interventions from God working together that are very unusual at the time, but when it's all over, and you look back on it, you can actual laugh at them.

Sometimes it the 'innocence' of not knowing what you are doing is also the funny part. But then when the 'truth' is mentioned to you, you just find the funny side.


A little girl of 3 years making tea for her daddy. Bringing her daddy sitting on the couch cup after cup of tea. Dad realizes that she can't reach the sink or kettle to get water and is interested as to where she is getting the water. And the only place she can get water the toilet!

See how 'the truth', makes it so funny.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt