Free Tshirts

How to Get and Give a Free shirt Online

Many people are offering free tshirts online. Take a closer look, how you can get your hands on one and also give one away.

Most of the time when we get free stuff, its not always what we had in mind. Either it is something that we don't really need or it might just be something silly and of no use to us.

But one thing for free, like a t shirt is always welcome. A new shirt is an item that we will always use. If we don't wear it, there are many others who would.

How to get a free shirt?

Often to get a free t shirt you would need to sign up to a website. Your details would be required to be filled in. And there is no cost at all.

Afterwards your free tshirt would be sent in the mail. Often it depends on where you live too. Most times companies only post inside their own country borders as it is cheaper for packaging and postage fees. Outside of the country it becomes a bit expensive for them.

Sometimes after registering you might have to collect your free t shirt at a local store or outlet. Maybe it means you having to drive out state or out of town to pick it up.

Competition and promotional t shirts that offer incentives are also very popular.

How it works is, companies give away free tshirts. They then encourage you to wear the branded t shirt in exchange for standing a chance to WIN prizes.

If a representative of that company spots you in public wearing their t shirt, they will give you instant spot cash prizes.

Political parties and campaign parties are well known for giving away free tshirts. So whenever they have rallies, find out where they are and join them. (only thing is, you might not support that party)

death of a popsicle shirt
Death of a Popsicle T Shirt

Birdorable PI-geon / Pigeon Pi shirt
PI-geon T Shirt

How to give a free shirt?


Compose your t shirt design online with the click of a mouse.

Just above, you have read how to 'get' a free shirt. And why not use that same idea to 'give' a free shirt.

If you have a company or a website that you are keen to promote, then why give it exposure through giving away company branded t shirts.

I have always made it a principal of mine to give one of my tees away whenever I get a new one. Whether it is from a promotion, or as a present, I make it an aim to hand a t shirt that I no longer need to someone who really needs it.

Food is good. Free food is better. But the ultimate best is a free tee to accompany free food.

Why not head out to a local shelter. With your old t shirts or your promotional shirts that you have collected hand them out with the free food that is given to the less fortunate.

So look online for free t shirt giveaways in your country.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt