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*Do certain Terms and Conditions apply?

free t shirts

As I see it, free t shirts are like an open highway, you out on the spacious road. Going where you want to. Doing what you want to. You have total freedom.

Once you driving with the wind in your hair, at some time you will have to pull over and do a a few checks. Change the oil, gas and tyres. If not, well then your freedom on the highway would come to a sudden halt with a broken down car.

Thats the thing, 'freedom' or any 'stuff for free', comes with a certain amount of responsibility, a mutual exchange and perhaps even a small price to pay. Maybe not initially or directly but more often, indirectly afterwards.

So if you would like to get a t shirt for free or would like to design a t shirt for free, read on and find out what you really get when you get a free tee.

It is really FREE*
*What do I have to do?

I think that whenever you see the word FREE anywhere, whether in a book, advertisement, sign or article, a special little small 'symbol' should be inserted after the word free.

And this little 'symbol' is the 'asterisk' symbol. That's right, that pollen resembling little 'icon'...*

This is how the word FREE should probably read: FREE*

So why have an 'asterisk' after the word FREE?

Well, firstly, the asterisk might look small and insignificant but it is a crucial key. As it gives reference to another piece of vital information. Information that we often pay no attention too. Information that is missing, missing because it too long to display. It makes you aware that there are terms and conditions attached.

An that asterisk (*) refers to the so called 'fine print'. And this 'fine print' is frequently not read or considered. It is often overlooked or ignored.

FREE t shirt designs*
*What are Editable Graphic Design templates?

Most times when we looking for free designs, we require them to be in a format that is compatible with our own software.

This way we can rework, modify and adapt the designs to suite our own. We sometimes just need a single element for our design, but if its not editable then we can't really use it.

So simple editable vector formats are always best.

Check out free vector designs, images and icons

FREE t shirt templates*
*Are they permanent or temporary?

Now you get a free t shirt template in a vector and psd format, to lay out your designs. They are completely editable and reusable.

Download free vector and psd t shirt templates

haaa shirt
Vector Collage T Shirt

Dota shirt
Vector Flowers T Shirt

FREE t shirt software*
*Requires time to learn new software

Take for instance, free t shirt designing really FREE?

Well yes, it is.
- There is no upfront cost on purchasing the software.
- You just click the mouse button and it will download.
- Then open it up and use it anytime you like.

Initially it is free, but there is a small indirect cost involved:

  1. Your time searching for software
  2. Your internet usage
  3. Your electricity spent on switching on your computer
  4. Your time learning to use the software

I know this is a really small cost that you might think is trivial but it is a cost none the less.

Download user friendly t shirt design software

Design a t shirt FREE*
*Is my printing cost included?

Designing homemade t shirts with your software is easy to do, if you know your software well. Sourcing a free shirt and printing, well that is another story altogether. But guess what you are able to with a bit of tenacity and determination.

Find out more, how you can design and print your shirt for free

Girl and Colors shirt
Girl and Colors T Shirt

Vintage RGB Sunglasses T Shirt
Vintage RGB Sunglasses T Shirt

FREE Tshirts*
*Can I get a shirt online?

With tons of competitions giving away free stuff, the quality of free stuff you get is not always of the highest calibre. Sometimes free stuff comes at a 'low-quality' price.

Check out more, on how to get a free t shirt online

FREE Tee Shirts*
*Are they really safe to wear?

Weather patterns are changing from year to year. Warmer places are getting colder and colder places are becoming hotter. Because of this, we need to be more proactive in wearing clothing that is both comfortable and protective.

Check out more, on safe, UV, allergy free tee shirts

So when it comes to t shirt time, trust these useful insights can help you.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt