Family Reunion T Shirts

What is in a Family name?

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There is a certain saying that goes "Blood is thicker than water", and personalized family reunion t shirts, are a great way of illustrating this.

When it comes to family, well you can't live with them and you can't live without them. Because as you know it's your family name that joins you all together.

And just how important is a family 'name'. Well a name gives identity and purpose. And that name shows that you are part of a bigger family.

Sometimes a family name can have its perks, like if you had to just phone a fancy restaurant and make a reservation under the "Gates" family name, you would probably get a booking straight away. They would presume that you were Bill Gates or a relative of his.

Your family name is represented by your surname and your surname has a history and meaning behind it.

You can do a family tree search and find out a lot about where you came from. How your surname might have changed as family members got married and took on a new surnames.

What really matters is that family surnames should not be the reason for division in the family, but it should be a celebration. And besides, different surnames have different flavors.

I know that quite a few dad's love their family name and want to continue with it for generations to come. But its not always like that.


Design your own family reunion t shirt online.

My son when he grows up and gets married, will continue my family surname. Where as, when my little daughter gets married she will take on her husband's surname. When we have a family reunion we will have different families from my son and daughter's side.

Together with my wife and I, and our sides of our individual family. Even though we have different surnames we can all wear our matching family t shirts.

One big huge reunion.

For me its making sure that my children are pleased and happy and are loved by their spouses and extended family.

When do we have family reunions?

Mostly at special holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or just a normal public holiday. Read more about "Holiday Family Reunion Tshirts."

Here are a few ideas for your reunion t shirt designs.

  1. Look up the meaning of your surname and do family t shirt designs based on that.
  2. Perhaps you might even have a family crest or coat of arms that you can design with.
  3. Ask each family to come with their own unique t shirts and then have prizes for the smartest designs.
  4. Personalize your family reunion t shirt designs. Have each persons surname and the day they were born on, at the back of the t shirt. So it almost looks like a sports t shirt. I mean you are a team, a family team.

Which is important Sir Name or Surname?

Try and also get away from thinking that your side of the family is better or 'royalty'. Yes, you might have differences and butt heads with each other, but in the are all still family.

Why not combine your mom's side and your dad's side of the family surname together like this to create a one of a kind family reunion t shirt.

Surname from your mom's side = Williams
Surname from your dad's side = Smith

Combine the two surnames and you get WillSmith

How about that now...a famous actor is named Will Smith.

Now you can add a bit of comedy and wit to your t shirt by adding the words
"I am related to Will-Smith"

How clever is that. And the double meaning is brilliant!
And guess what, you are either a 'Williams' or a 'Smith', and this way you are related to each others family!

So show a little love to your family, that's the 'name' of the game.


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