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I have often heard many meanings of the word DIY explained to me, but not when it relates to a DIY t shirt!

Ever heard of the phrases like 'Do-it-yourself' or 'Doin'it-in-years' when speaking of DIY? No matter what you have heard, I would like to add another phrase to what I like to call DIY, Designing Inspiration Yourself.

Like many tshirt designers, we all have our good bad days.

We all have our down and under days and days when we are on top of the world.

Sometimes we run dry of creativity and just get into a slump. Our t shirt designs and ideas are just not what they were used to be.

The funny thing is that 'creativity' is not something that we can 'just turn on' like a tap, sometimes the tap is dry and we need to dig a bit deeper till we reach that overflowing borehole.

Try this, think of a person who just might be having a really rough time at the moment, be it financially, relationally, physically, I bet you they have even better reason not to get out of bed each day.

But alas, cheer up, enough of the sober talk!

DIY T Shirt Remedy

The t shirt doctor has an excellent prescription!
His very own t shirt script for a DIY t shirt.

It is a weeks prescription and requires you to follow it to an absolute tee, shirt design.

  1. Take 1 x blank t shirt
  2. Can be a yellow, blue, pink or red tshirt
  3. Draw a happy t shirt smile with a marker on the front
  4. No computers allowed, it must be a freehand drawing
  5. Add the word SMILE
  6. Use fabric paint, markers and make the smile as funky and happy as possible
  7. Give the t shirt away to someone you have never met before

Do these 7 steps for 7 days. Each day changing your t shirt faces.

Ah, That Smiley Face shirt
Ah, That Smiley Face Shirt

big grin smiley face
Smiley T-Shirts

"Give them today their daily thread"

Yes, you are going to be out of your comfort zone, but thats the point.
To get inspiration, sometimes you got to get out of your 'comfort zone' and become a 'comforting zone' for others.

This daily t shirt give away will aid you in inspiring others, and in return you will be inspired. Make it a goal to, design to inspire with your uplifting attire.

Remember a t shirt a day keeps the design blues away.

So Design Inspiration Yourself, don't wait for it to come knocking.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt