Dirty T Shirts

The Goodness of Grubby T Shirts

dirty t shirts

How do you think dirty t shirts can be worn in a good clean way?

Well let us have a quick look.

I guess today in our modern day sophisticated society, we always expect everything to be neatly packaged and presented. To be orderly and clean, not messy and dirty. We have kind of grown up thinking that dirt is 'bad'.

When we were younger, we played outside and as soon as a splash of mud landed on our crispy clean clothes we we told by our folks to get changed and not make a mess.

And guess what that same thought pattern of not making a mess and getting dirty is carried with us into our adult lives. We kind of scared of making a mess up in our job, our sports games, our businesses and never try anything that might mean getting our hands dirty.

A Little Dirt won't Hurt

That is where I think we all need to be kids again. We got to learn to have fun again with dirt.

For some of us, getting a bit of dust on us might freak us out a bit, but its okay.

And then for others, jumping in a puddle of mud or skidding on the newly fresh cut grass, is just what we would love to do again.

Wherever you are at, we got to learn to loosen up a bit and not be to over protective about a bit of grease and grunge landing on our t shirts. The whole fun about having dirty t shirts is getting dirt on them.

Dare yourself today to get dirty. Make a purposeful effort to intentionally get some grubby dirt on yourself.

World's Best Garbage Man
World's Best Garbage Man T-Shirt

Make up some dirty t shirts just for a day:

  1. Buy yourself the biggest burger that your can find. Pile it with tons of garnish, sauces and munch on the juicy meal, making sure that while your relishing it, a few, no not a few, but many splashes of ketchup, fat and salad drips onto the front of your t shirt. Folks might look at you at disgust as a clumsy eater, but just smile and carry on eating.

  2. After a heavy downpour of refreshing rain, make your way to the nearest piece of muddy ground. Best to take a friend with you and then declare war on each other by throwing mud balls at each other t shirts.

  3. Ask dad to cut the lawn, open up the hosepipe on the freshly mowed grass so its really slippery and soggy and then go sliding belly down across the front yard. Make sure the grass juice soaks deeply into your shirt too.

  4. Head out with a couple of mates to the paintball arena. Protect yourself properly but wear your t shirt on the outside of your overall suit, so you can be pelted with colorful paint splats.

  5. Spend a day working at a mechanic workshop and see how clean you really can stay after working under cars all day.

And if you are not keen to keep the dirty t shirt that you have had fun with, then simply toss it into the laundry machine and have it cleaned.

Make your own Dirty Laundry T Shirts

Okay so you have decided to actually have a few real life, stain-made t shirts. You want permanent stains embedded into your t shirt.

In other words you are completely comfortable wearing shirts that are covered in dirt.

My Dirty T Shirt shirt
My Dirty T-Shirt

Same Shirt Different Day shirt
Same Different Day T-Shirts

If that is you then here is how to make some permanent dirty t shirts

  1. Find an old t shirt that you no longer like. Or even better still, have the courage to buy a new shirt out of the store, that you are willing to spoil.

  2. The first thing is to find substances that are stain making. Car grease dirty t shirts are a perfect example. Grab some grease and smear your hand full of raw, grease and grime. Dip you fingers in old black oil and wipe it on a t shirt. Press down some handprints too.

  3. Leave it out in the sun for a couple of hours to really soak in.

  4. After that toss it into the laundry machine, but do not add any soap or detergent.

  5. Give it a quick rinse.

  6. Hang it out to dry and there you have it, a brand new dirty shirt.

You can do this with many other dirty ingredients too.

So get dirty and enjoy it!

Keen to keep your
Dirty T Shirts Clean?

Okay so maybe you are not the dirty type. Maybe you are not keen on getting your hands dirty.

You are perhaps leaning towards the cleaner route of making your own dirty t shirt designs.

Why not have a permanent dirty t shirt, one that you can
always wear.

This is where designing on a commuter comes in. Creating your own stained, dirty t shirts is something you can really go to town on. Drawing up, photo-shopping dirt and slime can be quite a unique experience for you.

Different day, Same ol' ship shirt
Different day, Same ol' ship T-Shirt

MSI - Mud Scene Investigation shirt
MSI T-Shirts

You can really go all way out with your ideas. Composing them in a really interesting way, by adding a clever piece of copy or headline to them can give birth to some funky, cool, witty t shirts, funny t shirts and cuckoo crazy tees.

Besides creating stains that are realistic looking, you can even incorporate them into a fantastic design, by adding design elements like typography, photos and shapes.

This in itself is the start of a new style of dirty t shirt, known as "grunge".

Grunge is Good

Grunge in the basic sense is another word for 'grime' or 'grubby'.

The whole grunge term came about by the rock music industry, where by musicians would wear tattered and ripped jeans, loose clothing and looked very sloppy and untidy. This messy look was then transferred over to messy looking designs.

Today, the dirty, grunge look is part of and is classified as cool design.

So you can create a t shirt that doesn't have to look like it has dirt on but that looks dirty.

Here are a few examples:

Underground Monochrome shirt
Underground Monochrome T-Shirt

Peace & Love shirt
Peace & Love T-Shirts

Vintage t shirts are also a modern version of clean but yet grunge looking. They have an old faded and tattered look to them.

Dirty T Shirts for Dirty Jobs

Most of us would never do a dirty job whereby we have to get our hands dirty. But then why do we always tend to make fun of the dirty jobs

As gross and disgusting as they are, they are very important. Somebody has got to do them. And its those somebody's that need an accolade or a special mention.

Look at Mike Rowe from Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs.

He goes across the country and finds the most horrible and never-to-do jobs. Can you imagine what their t shirts would look like and smell like too.

Dirty Jobs T-Shirt shirt
Dirty Jobs T-Shirt

Get Happy Get Dirty T-Shirt shirt
Get Happy Get Dirty T-Shirt

So maybe you can knowledge somebody who you know who's jobs really "stinks" and come up with a creative and dirty t shirt to compliment their dirty job.

But guess what, there are everyday dirty jobs or dirty chores that hardly get any recognition for.

And I tend to lean towards parents.

See how many dirty things the moms and dads have to do:

  • changing dirty diapers
  • wiping snotty noses
  • cleaning up baby puke
  • trimming dirty fingernails
  • digging out ear jam
  • not to mention the household chores too

Moms and dads do all of this out of love and care, there is nothing much that they get out of it, expect a happy child. They are not paid for it but yet they have to pay the price.

And for this reason my Dirty Job Award goes to every parent who has raised a child...I know how it is!!

Now that you have read a bit more, there is so much to choose from when it comes to making a decision on which dirty t shirts to wear!


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