Designer T Shirts

A Medium that is Rarely, Well Done

designer t shirts

Do you think that designer t shirts have lost their 'status' in our modern, high-tech world?

Well, let me first ask you this question: Why is a t shirt similar to a t-bone steak?

Answer: It is a medium that is rarely, well done! Very profound isn't it...or more like playful.

So, is it a medium that is well done?

Is t shirt design something just done or is it an art?

Are we just designing because everybody else is doing it or is it something we enjoy and find a sense of accomplishment?

Just a few questions to ponder on in the meantime...

T shirt design is a medium (method or avenue) that hasn't quite got the so called 'status' like other mediums... tv, radio, video and web.

Most of these high-tech channels have a lot more profile and glamor and are seen as more important way of communicating. But big doesn't always mean better.

In the advertising industry these mediums will be seen as above-the-line advertising.

I don't think t shirt design would ever be on the same par as the more mainstream mediums. Personally I don't believe it needs to be.

Because it is a smaller medium it is often overlooked and is seen as inferior and unskilful but that is far from the truth.

The art of t shirt design is a skill and craft that is vital in our every day society.

Designing t shirts is a market that is completely different to any other market. Designer tees are a trendy niche that changes and adapts all the time. It is also a niche that will always be around so long as they invent another piece of clothing to replace the tee (but I think the t shirt is here to stay).

So what do I mean by designer t shirts?


Design your stylish t shirt online.

Stylish designed t shirts play an important role in the t shirt world. They are they créme de la créme or the blue chip of the shirt fashion world. They are not like the 'everyday t shirt' that we see and wear, but they are a 'styled t shirt'. They are especially styled and made to look and stand out from the rest.

Most designers work at creating an excellent t shirt. Whether its for themselves or to showcase for people to admire. With each designer giving their best work forward it does create a bit of competition. But a bit of competition is always welcome.

With this competing rivalry its keeps t shirt designers on their toes to come up with new and different and mind blowing shirts that give the t shirt world a better name.

I am not saying that the rest of the t shirt world, like the promotional t shirt (where hundreds are printed for advertising and promoting products) are inferior.

Each t shirt has a function and role to play. Sometimes the designs might not look as brilliant as designer t shirts but they have a job to show off products.

So in your designing remember that, t shirt fashion wear has its place in our ever changing world.


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

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solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt