Design Your Own Tshirt

Enhancing your own T Shirt Designs

Much can be said on how to design your own tshirt, but not has been said on how to improve and enhance your t shirt designs.

Yes, you might have the great ideas but you still need to put them onto tees.

You can just plonk them onto your t shirt, but, have you taken the time and effort to think about how you would like the design to look?

Have you refined your design and tweaked it so its not just good, but its brilliant.

  • You want to make a t shirt that reinforces your idea, in other words adds to it, and helps your idea be understood in the best possible way through your great design.

  • Yes, your concept is the most important part, but if it lacks some quality design then it might not be as good as you would like.

Designing Help:

Lets have a look at some simple yet practical steps on how to make a tshirt design fantastic.

T shirt graphic design plays a very important role when looking to design your own tshirt.

Certain design principles and design elements are vital to having an effective and eye-catching design.

Use these different design elements for improving your look.

  • Linear elements and shapes
  • colors and shades
  • photos and silhouettes
  • drawings and sketches
  • space and layout

Designer Help:

  1. Maybe you might not be an expert designer, but you are savvy at coming up with ideas.
  2. If you have good ideas, find a friend or graphic designer that can help you visually put it onto a shirt.
  3. Watch them and learn from them. See how they do it and then next time you can design your idea yourself.
  4. Use quality designer online software that generates your idea for you into a design.

Printing Help

Printing plays a role too. Low quality printing can degrade you design.

  1. If you are printing shirts yourself then spend time screen printing your designs with care and class.
  2. Invest in top-notch custom ink colors that are more durable and tough.
  3. Have your t shirts printed, wrapped and delivered to you personally.

With these simple steps put into place, it will assist you in streamlining your time and skills when you sit down to design your own tshirt.


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