Design a T Shirt Free

5 Ways to Pay Nothing for your Design

Have you ever though of how you can design a t shirt free of charge?

I mean not having to pay any cash for your t shirt design.

Well, you might have to 'bill yourself' for your time spent searching, reading and downloading but besides that, no fees.

Before we get to the free stuff, lets briefly see what it would cost for you to design your own t shirt starting from scratch.

Your 1st expense would be to:

  • Pay a t shirt designer to create a t shirt for you. If you are not a t shirt designer, you would be required to pay a designer for their time spent on your t shirt.

Your 2nd expense would be to:

  • Buy a t shirt. Would need to get a t shirt and a new one too.

Your 3rd expense would be for:

Your 4th expense would be for:

  • Printing. Actually inking your design onto your shirt.

Your 5th expense would be for:

  • Design material. You would need resources like t shirt templates, fonts, photos, clip art and textures to do up your design.

Live & Let Live shirt
Live & Let Live T Shirt

Angry Tree (vintage) shirt
Angry Tree T Shirt

Now that you can see what you would have to pay for, lets have a look at how you can save or even better yet get all this stuff for... FREE FREE FREE!

1st FREE item:

  • If you are already a designer or know how to design then your own time that you spend designing your shirt is already paid for. Perhaps you not a designer, and have a friend that could help you with your design. (once they have assisted you, then invite them over for dinner to say thanks)

2nd FREE item:

  • Your t shirt. I mean it wouldn't be a t shirt design if it wasn't for the t shirt. My suggestion is to approach a t shirt company or a t shirt place that have 'defect' clothing.

    Factory shops have quite a few and will often throw them out or just give them away because they are unable sell them to the public.

  • If that doesn't pan out, then find a blank used t shirt that you have in your cupboard. Give it a good wash and you are on your way to design a t shirt free. (don't worry that it is and old shirt, with your design on it will look like a new piece of clothing)

3rd FREE item:

4th FREE item:

  • Most of the time the manufacturing and printing sides are the costly bits. The best approach to printing would be to source old fabric paints and fabric pens. This way making many more of your own homemade t shirts.

Giraffe-cycle shirt
Giraffe-cycle T Shirt

A Colorful Rain Men's T-Shirt shirt
Colorful CMYK T Shirt

5th FREE item:

  • What a wide selection of graphics there is online that are freely distributed for you to download and use.
  1. Download graphic design templates free.
  2. Download free clip art online.
  3. Download free fonts.
  4. Download free stock photos.

So you can now see that it you put in the effort and do your homework well and use the contacts that you have, you most definitely can design a t shirt free. (just don't forget to pay yourself for your time!)


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt