Design Your Own T Shirts

Make Your Personality Stand Out

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So what do you say, how about inspiring others when you design your own
t shirts!

Think of tshirt design as a way of 'taking from yourself' and 'handing it to others!' You are in the business of inspiring people with your visuals!

Just like...

  • A writer inspires others with their words.
  • A teacher inspires others with knowledge.
  • A waiter inspires others with their service.
  • A builder inspires others with their building.
  • A gym instructor inspires others with their fitness.
  • A mechanic inspires us with their workmanship, which is put to the test when your car is on the road!

Bringing you tshirt design "ideas to life" can also enhance life for others. Your very visual t shirt design, has an effect that can just make their day, week or even their month!

It's your way of reaching people with your skills and talents as you design your own tshirt.

You might just have a knack of encouraging people without even saying a word, just with you own custom designed tshirts!

As people we love to see things and get excited by what we see!

Design Your Own T Shirts That Are

  • Encouraging
  • Hopeful
  • Good looking
  • Great for the mind to chew on (just not with false teeth)

Look at it this way:


Compose your t shirt design online with the click of a mouse.

You are a t shirt designer, you can decide how you would like to design. When you design your own t shirt, your design can have either a positive or a negative outcome. It can have a boastful impact of a gloomy influence.

Just a thought to remember when designing!

Design Your Own T Shirts
Funny and Smart

Humor on t shirts, funny and laughable will always make for uplifting tshirt designs.

Whether you have t shirts with funny sayings or funny graphic t shirts, keep it clean and non offensive, dirty t shirts and offensive tshirts are not necessary.

Be creative without being smutty and using bad language, there are many other words in our vocabularies to say what we want to say. It means 'looking under a different stone,' for clever and witty words to use!

It shows that you have not just used the first words that have come off your lips, but explored other options. You can say something with the intention of pulling others down or cheering up their day!

fibers You can have a cool message on a t shirt or a funny picture that when you are out in the town, when a person takes a glimpse of your t shirt, you can slowly see that little smirk of a smile get bigger as they walk past you, you just done something great, small, but great!

Aaaahh, and I must say, you do feel good too! There is that little sense of pride inside that says 'well done!'

Tshirt designs are a silent and effective way of speaking to others.

Another bonus, your own t shirt designs are talking points for getting to know new people, from standing in lines at the mall to dinner parties at friends!

So look outwards, outwards to others, take the time to put a smile on someones face next time you design your own t shirts!

Give it a go and put a smile on someones face today!


noah i'm floodin' it t shirt

bubble bug

solar powered submarine

ipair t shirt

soccer ballet for the masses t shirt